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Magazine Reel Writer

Are you a Campus or College student with penchant for news? Do you love to be the first to let the world know about  breaking news  in your campus? Are you the one that doesn’t let news slip by? Do you like it when other students run to you for news? Are you fit for an online writing job? Are you looking for a job?

Look no further.

Magazine Reel is looking for you!!

Here’s an opportunity to do what you love in just 350 words and get paid for it! An opportunity to represent your campus on the Best Kenyan Campus News Site and tell the story of your campus as and when it happens. This in an opportunity to bring your name to the limelight and be the campus news guru. Magazine Reel is looking for writers from across Kenyan Universities and colleges to add to its pool of fantastic writers spread across Kenyan campuses.

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What do you need to do to join this amazing team?

Look around you as you read this article. Where are you now;the library? Your Hostel? Kitchenette? Are you on the road to a lecture or already in the lecture hall? Are you going to the shops? Just look around you and see what’s happening!

Are you opinionated? Do you have passion for changing perspectives? Are you just a thinker who has something simple to tell your colleagues?

You can speak your mind on whatever topic you choose on Magazine Reel

Magazine Reel WriterFollow these easy steps to become one of us:

1. Read our Terms and Conditions found HERE

2. Write a 350 sample NEWS ARTICLE about what’s happening in your campus NOW or what will be happening over the weekend and send it to

You will receive a notification from us once your post is looked into by the Editorial Team. If qualified, we will create you an account through which you will be expected to submit your articles for publishing.

Keep it Magazine Reel.

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  1. email me am from KAIMOSI in vihiga county I have a variety and alot usually happens here

  2. Thank you for your interest of wanting to join our team of reporters at Magazine Reel. We indeed appreciate & looking forward to working with you.

    Kindly email us( a sample of a Current News article about your campus, that you would want posted on Magazine Reel. It should not be less than 350 words.

  3. Give me the opportunity to inform you about activities in my campus. Am Peter from MMUST(Kaimosi Campus). Give me the chance to let the world know of how comrades behave in this institution.

  4. Breaking news.
    Kisii university students are brilliantly waiting for the commencement of multi-million construction of digitalised hostel.This occurred after a number of students leaving outside school hostels have constantly reported their dis-ease due to rapid increased insecurities .so many comrades have lost their valuable iteams as well as some being injured .The attackers are unknown caward radicals who specificly target girls hostels only threatening them .The University administration through the office of v.c has promised to finish the project before 1st yrs comes on September. Reporting from kisii am Vincent gati

  5. Talking of insecurity in the country?? In seku we’re nt shaking thou tuko in the middle of 10,000hectares bush.

  6. I have an inborn penchant for writing, apart from online writing, i occasionally do articles for The Campanile, the Kenyatta University magazine…i think i can b of help to u guys.

  7. Comment i wish i knew this earlier. So many events have taken place at Technical university of Mombasa but all in all i’ll be giving you news as they come

  8. Am really interested to work with you and represent MKU( thika main campus) am also in journalism field …I will be of great help to you.

  9. wrote an article 3Weeks ago…waiting for the reply…I am a passionate writer…plz lemmi get ur reply

  10. am from kaimosi ttc and am ready for the task.
    all updates on time….and u wont regret giving me the chance

  11. Am janeffer Njagi,from Jkuat,main campus and i love what’s trending,given a chance,will give u all upcoming updates ….

  12. From chuka university.grant me an much do u pay? coz i write for several newspapers and magazines in Tharaka nithi county

  13. Students are expecting the oncoming end-of semester bash to be completely the opposite of the previous bash that left every comrade regreting their attendance. Stay tuned to find out what happens

    Am Tim,a first year journalism student at The Technical University of Kenya(Tuk). Am a fan of this magazine and would be more than willing to work with you,please hire me.

  14. There’s always something happening in Kenyatta University Main Campus.
    I think it’s time it becomes News.

  15. hey i am from technical university. Theres always drama down here. Already sent a sample. Please consider

  16. Hi admin.I already sent my article to your reporting from the university of Eldoret.kindly consider.

  17. Hi admin.I already sent my article to your reporting from University of Eldoret.kindly consider.

  18. how assured am i of my security and exposure?Am eugene of KCA university and av got what it takes to deliver whats happening within my sorrounding.

  19. Am francis kioko a media studies student at jodan college of technology in thika town, am applying as a reporter from my college

  20. i have a passion of writing whatever is happening in my institution.. will i get a chance? thankyou

  21. Hi i am a news writer but i do not neccesarily write campus news.I write news concerning happenings around East Africa.Is there any vacancy for me?

  22. student in Technical university of Mombasa can do exactly the same in an exellent way….looking foward for a vacancy.

  23. I want to be writing from egerton main campus. Horticulture student but I have passion in writing. Give me this chance please

  24. Am from Kenyatta university a writer to be because am currently doing research to enhance my proposed novel….

  25. I’ve always had a passion in keeping up with the latest gossip in my campus. I’m from Kisii University and I would like to do this.

  26. wazup guyz…let ur creativity put cash in ur pocket! to know more all u need to have is magazinereel. Sit back&Relax

  27. I love reading and writing articles…. I am a literature student from Chuka University and am ready for the task

  28. I sent a sample story “Echoes from the past” which was published on the 21st August but didn’t get any notification. pliz contact me

  29. I have not yet received the account details yet 3 of my articles have been published.pliz contact me

  30. I can really do it. Am a dedicated writer. Always writing to entertain my friends. I do like taking quality photographs too. I would really wish to spot Moi university main campus in every occasion. Consider me

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