Don’t Fall for a Quick Car Accident Settlement Before Reading These 3 Tips

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One time my son drove his used car into the tail end of another. The man he hit told him to give him $200 to cover the minimal damage. The man would forget the incident, and neither I nor our insurance company would know. This kind of thing happens daily.

What’s the problem here? The “victim” in this incident would go on to claim a serious injury to his neck and back caused by my son’s negligence. He even said my son had failed to stop after the accident. warns, “If an accident was your fault and the damage looks minor, it’s tempting to offer to pay cash for the other guy’s repairs. But it might be a lot more costly than you think.”

Through much pain and suffering, some luck, and the help of a good car accident attorney, we were able to get to the truth of the matter.

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Don’t fall for a quick car accident settlement before reading these 3 tips:

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1. Understand the role of insurance adjuster—Most insurance adjusters are good people. They work professionally and with skill. And, they display personal ethics.

Still, in the event of an auto accident, you must deal with your insurance adjuster as well as the adjusters for the other party or parties. And, each of them has a primary duty to serve their employer’s interest.

That’s not advice to ignore or distrust their input, but your insurance adjuster is not a disinterested third party when it comes to negotiating your settlement.

2. Focus on your care—If you are injured in the car accident, your stresses will multiply. You may not be the only victim in the accident. You may incur mounting medical and rehabilitation bills. And, you may lose work and wages.

All these pressures lead to impatience with the process. It might tempt you to shortcut your medical care or rush and skip treatments. As the process drags out your reimbursement process, any settlement offer looks good.

These quick settlements may also require you to surrender additional rights or claims as a negotiation tactic.

3. Think ahead—Most people cannot manage their way through the system of insurance paperwork, negotiated offers, and court protocols on their own. You owe it to yourself and family to put your best offense on the front burner.

There are well-respected and accomplished lawyers who handle car accident claims. It makes great good sense for you to capture the contact info on one and carry it with your driver’s license in the event of an unfortunate car accident.

Don’t fall for a quick car accident settlement

Myrtle Beach and Horry County have their share of accidents. There’s enough traffic in Myrtle Beach, enough tourists, and enough people driving through to keep these accident numbers high.

Myrtle Beach online reported, “.An average of 36,806 motorists traverse the busy highway in Horry County every day, according to an average of daily traffic counts compiled last year by the S.C. Department of Transportation. Millions more fill the highway in peak tourism season — and with more cars, comes the potential for more wrecks.”

So, you’d be advised to identify your car accident lawyer now.



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