Drama as Foreign Students Fight Over Kenyan Girls


A group of students from a Nairobi-based private university caused an ugly scene Friday morning in Roysambu area, Nairobi, after they engaged in a fierce battle over female comrades.

The fighting pitted students from Nigeria and their counterparts from Tanzania.

The foreign students, who usually drive Subaru cars, had been drinking together till the wee hours at a shisha bar in a nearby mall when a disagreement arose over girls.

Witnesses at the bar say the Tanzanians fled with the girls to their rented apartments near the mall, with the Nigerians in hot pursuit.

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On realizing that their pursuers were catching up with them, the Tanzanians abandoned their vehicles and hid under other cars parked in the parking lot at their flat.

This act has always been happening within several campuses in Kenya. Kenyan ladies usually use and dump their foreign boyfriends especially after they have squandered their perceived fat bank accounts.

The issue of relationship is also a thorny issue in the Kenyan campus fraternity. Just recently, a student stubbed his girlfriend to death over claims that she was cheating on him. Another one from Kisii university also poured sulphuric acid on the face of his girlfriend after she had insinuated that they would break up.



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