EDUCATIVE: Effects of Oil Spillage on Acquatic Life


We have always known that oil spillages in water bodies have adverse effects on the aquatic plants and animals but we have not taken much time to go into it and know exactly what kind of effects we are talking about.

Oil spillages occur as a result of oil pouring on the water surfaces such
as seas and oceans and these usually come about from the ships and containers in them leaking or air planes crashing on water and even human and industrial waste with oil constituents’ disposal into the water bodies.

Oil has chemical components which are poisonous and which in turn affect the organisms internally and externally.

Effects of the spillages on some of the marine life include; coating of the birds feather and animal furs which in turn hinders movement. This now reduces the ability of the birds and mammals to maintain their body temperatures and die as a result. The animals and birds here try to clean themselves and in the process may ingest the oil on their fur or feathers and shells and this oil poisons them resulting in death

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Surprisingly, these oil spillages are so harmful to the fish that they
cause abnormal development in the growth of fish. According to the NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTARTION (NOAA) some of the results of oil
spillages in aquatic life include; reduced growth, enlarged livers, changes in heart and respiration rates, fin erosion and affects egg and larval survival.

A tweet from the National Wildlife also showed that oil spillage affects
the development of fish. It is therefore evident that there will eventually be reduced species
populations if the current situations can’t be worked on or changed. Most fish species will continue to die of and some will end up becoming extinct.



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