Egerton and Moi University Students Riot Over Power Blackout

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Moi University students went on strike on Tuesday night demonstrating against the rampant power blackouts in the school. The demonstration turned into a shoplifting spree by the students in Soweto hostels of Moi University. Two shops and several grocery kiosks were looted and flattened to the ground. This happened as the students began their end of semester exams at the Varsity.

Some students took it upon themselves to quell the chaos urging their colleagues to respect personal property and return the stolen goods. By 8.30pm on the same night, electricity was restored in most of the affected hostels but the damage had already been done. The students accused the Hostels K, L and M residents of not joining them in demanding for electricity. Therefore they came to loot the shops to avenge their anger of non-cooperation.

StrikeThe University management did not send the students home over the incident since they were sitting for their exams. However, insiders say that the damages might be silently added to the fee the students pay.

In a similar incident on Thursday night, Egerton University students mainly from Ruwenzori Hostels took to a looting, harassing and destruction spree over a blackout that had persisted in the hostels. The Ruwenzori Hostels residents looted goods from the Jamia Cafe that is adjacent to the hostels destroying the Cafe’s property and taking both cooked and uncooked foods from there.

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The angry students went ahead and attacked the newly constructed Tsavo Hostels destroying the windows and blocking the ladies within the hostels from accessing the Hostel’s lavatories. The students claimed that the power blackout was affecting them and their leaders were doing nothing to salvage the situation. This comes just days before the students sit fro their end of the semester exams starting Monday.

Apart from the blackout issue, the Egerton students had been angered by the university’s decision to only allow those who have fully paid their fees to sit for the exams. This, they said would block out many students who had been attending classes from sitting for the exams. The SUEU Chairman maintained that all students will sit for the exams regardless of their balance, a position that conflicts with the university management’s stand.



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