EGERTON DECIDES: Why Peter Ndue will be the Next SUEU Chairperson


The voting day is getting closer and closer as days go.The Politics are even becoming more interesting and deep. Its all noise. Well in the political circles, the more noise you make, the more votes you are likely to bag as an aspirant. Its also around this time that aspirants and their followers become even more active on social media with lots of jabs being thrown, lots of fun being made. Back at the ground, posters are being stolen and banners are being stolen.

One post that has attracted a lot of concentration and excitement is that of the SUEU chairperson. The seat has attracted some of the biggest names in the political industry but one fact or rather probable outcome remains, tomorrow is going to be amazing with Peter Ndue as the driver.

14666243_567533040100806_7925537959513137145_nPeter who has previously served in the gender docket has come out clear to assure the electorate that his softness in nature is nothing to worry about in the coming elections. He believes that the current type of politics and leadership requires no force but a tough brain that can sit down and negotiate.

The soft spoken Ndue believes that the only way to a better union is having a leader  who does not tag himself as tough but one willing to negotiate with the relevant authorities for the benefit of Comrades. For him, good leadership requires managerial skills and abilities, something he has clearly show previously in the gender docket.

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13932772_539529352901175_6266222508858274062_nQuestions have also been asked about his hair-style. Shots have been fired on his team and on social media. Citing an example of the former Chief justice Willy Mutunga, Ndue says that his hair style has nothing to do with his leadership capabilities. Mutunga won the seat of the CJ despite having a questionable stud.

The young enthusiastic campus politics has told off his critics arguing that its all about politics.

“People will look at your shoes all up to your eyes”, He says.

Ndue has come out strongly that his hair is nothing but a political scheme which opponents are using against him.

“The hair is not solving any problem we face as students”, Ndue said in one of his responses against the propaganda.

The young lad has also assured the electorate that if elected Chair,no one will be forced to differ their studies due to lack of school fees. He stated that he will work with the relevant authorities to have the issue of Zero University fee balance scrapped off.

With many students living below economic lines, many have been forced to terminate their studies or indulge in other heavy side hustles in the hype of finishing up the university fee, Ndue believes that it takes a round table conversion to convince the administration so as it can soften their stand for the benefit of all,that does not mean that students will no longer pay fees,there will be an agreement to allow them sit for their exams without finishing up the fees but only those who have cleared fee will have their exams marked ,this according to Peter Ndue will give students more time not to mention the parents ,time to look for extra bucks and finish with the finance department.

14391011_558868830967227_5810859361009205_nIf elected Chair,Ndue will also replace Retakes with Re-sits.This appears to be topping his priority list. He has promised to use the first four weeks of his time in office to ensure that Retakes are past narratives at the Njoro based university. The Kitui Born also promises to ensure that Comrades issues are discussed via Kamukunji’s which will be attended by all including the administration, this if looked at keenly will go along way to improve the relationship between the students and the administration .

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Find Peter Ndue on social media @realpeterndue ,Facebook PETER NDUE .

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  1. ndue should not convince people that he is a leader. there is a very good difference between a leader and apolitician. In Egerton the ground for politicians is no more, it is high time for credible leaders in the developed institution. OK if I may ask Mr. ndue to tell me what he has done over gender docket definitely he may refuse to even face my inquisitive hungry face for justice. Ndue should know that SUEU is not for Ndues. We are not in Egerton to acquire leadership for prestige or to taste fame just because you are Ndue family member. Don’t deceive the suffering comrades that you can change the situation and yet you did nothing over 18000 shillings for retakes. my brother Ndue, leadership is not all about being handsome and rich, it’s all about integrity and credibility.

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