Egerton Decides:AMISI Wraps Up His Term,Find Out Who The Next SUEU President Is


It’s that time again, the season of suits, season of sweet words, season of bold posters and banners, that time when a few backed up by their various communities and coalitions will be seen out there doing what they believe is best. Trying to Convince the rather green first years ,confused second years, exhausted third years and the tired finalists that they are the best in one position or the other.SUEU elections are here one more time ,Egerton University Njoro campus is now official a political zone,the premier agricultural university will in the next three weeks witness what will go down as the most competitive elections in the history of the union.

With the official list of the nominees expected later this Friday, we expect to see defections, independent candidates ,alienation not to mention the ongoing political witch hunt getting even more stronger, the truth is that most of these guys seeking these seats have not agenda and are very clueless, most of them have been pushed by friends and tribal forces, a few though sat down and saw it wise to get into the muddy waters of students politics, on the flip-side all of them are thinking that they can serve even given opportunity, all of them are able to take the union to the next level that If they remain true to the electorate and their beliefs on taking office.


This time round ,the electorate will see the same old manifestoes, some copied and pasted ,some coined to read and sound  differently, The truth is that the Amisi Led team ensured that the coming team have as little points to campaign with as possible, they tried as much as they could within their power to tackle some of these issues so close to the students but then again ,manifestoes aside, the person with the most attractive poster and some more than enough bucks is most likely to have it in modern democracy .

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The direction of the next students union is going to be shaped by the person who is going to take over as Chairperson ,that is why the question is.Who Is Next After Edwine Amisi? Truth is that this positions needs a leader not a politician, this position needs a sober mind, someone who is ready to talk and not throwing fists, someone who is readily available and more closer to the electorate.Amisi wrote his story, the next President of the union must come out strong and convince the students just why he/she should be trusted. This Friday we shall know who is who in the race for SUEU top seat. The next SUEU President is he/she who can deliver more than Amisi Did,Someone who can be trusted with the students affairs,Someone who will not go to be with the administration .

Before then as a student at Egerton University who do you feel best deserves the top most SUEU seat?

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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