Egerton University Chancellor to Donate Monthly Salary to Needy Students

Egerton University Narendra Raval of Devki Group
Narendra Raval of Devki Group

Kenyan billionaire Naval donates entire salary from Egerton University

Kenyan steel billionaire Narendra Raval, who was recently appointed as Egerton University Chancellor, will work at the campus for free.

On a social media post on Tuesday, Raval said his entire salary, any allowance or financial benefit will go to supporting needy students at the university.

Raval, 55, replaced Prof. Shem Wandiga whose tenure ended in March this year.

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The business mogul has a vast business empire that spans five sectors including aviation.

They include Devki Steel Mills Limited, National Cement Company Limited ( Simba Cement), Maisha Mabati Mills Ltd and others.

He said any of his companies that may do business or supply goods to the university will do it for free.

Steel Billionaire, Narendra Raval Appointed as Egerton University Chancellor

In 2015, Raval made it to the Forbes ranking of Africa’s richest people with a net-worth of Ksh.41.2 billion.

Two years later, Raval pledged to donate half of his net-worth to humanitarian causes in education, health and social programmes to benefit the poor.

A year later, the business magnate launched an entrepreneurship program at the United States International University-Africa (USIU-AFRICA).

It is known as the Narendra Raval – Guru Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation program.



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