Egerton University Gate Suspected to Cost Tens of Millions yet to be Unveiled

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Egerton University modern gate project which has lasted for more than two years is now being mentioned as a scandal in the making with those following the matter closely suggesting that it might have cost the institution’s exchequer tens of millions of shillings.

According to anti-corruption and anti-fraud crusader Cyprian Nyakundi, the gate whose construction started in 2015 is yet to be launched despite the fact that it had been scheduled for unveiling a year ago. This comes only a week after it emerged that the institution’s bank accounts had been frozen due to lack of remittance of funds as required by law.

Though the management of the institution is yet to answer several questions arising from the alleged gate scandal, Nyakundi says that the public is worried that even bodies charged with fighting graft in the public sector have gone under the water.

Egerton University came up with the gate project as a measure of strengthening security within its perimeters. The gate tipped to be a mirror of that at Kenyatta University was to incorporate the use of technology in revealing the face of intruders and ensuring that those associated with terror gangs are nipped while still outside of the institution.

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