Egerton University gets New Council Chairperson

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Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has appointed Dr Wario Luka Huqa as the new chairperson of Egerton University Council.

The appointment of Dr Luka comes at a time when the university council is facing a leadership crisis as Dr Ben Chumo, who was supposed to take over, is facing corruption charges concerning his tenure at Kenya Power.

In a Kenya Gazette notice, the CS says Dr Luka will be at the helm of the university council for the next three years effective from September 6.

Earlier this month, the university council sent Vice-Chancellor Prof Rose Awuor Mwonya on a 90-day compulsory leave.

Deputy Vice-chancellor Prof Alexander Kahi is the acting VC.

Prof Mwonya, who was appointed Egerton VC in January 2016, is facing corruption allegations.

However, Prof Mwonya denied the graft claims and instead blamed corruption cartels who are fighting back.

“These are corruption cartels which are envious of my good work at the university,” said Prof Mwonya.

Ms Mwonya further said the university council was unhappy that she was fast-tracking the construction of the Sh2.4billion library.

Ms Mwonya denied claims that she is protecting university registrar Seth Owido following allegations that he converted self- sponsored students to government students without following the law.

The self-sponsorship programme, which was the cash cow of public universities, has since been discontinued.

The university council has recommended Mr Owido’s suspension on corruption allegations.

However, Mr Owido has dismissed the allegations levelled against him as “baseless.”

Ms Mwonya said the council accused her of insubordination “simply because” she told them they must follow the law when suspending Mr Owido.

“I had no objection but I felt it was not good to suspend him without following the laid down procedure. I think the council was unhappy with my firm decision,” she said.



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