Egerton University Student Stabs Girlfriend to Death at Njokerio

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A fourth-year Egerton University student was stabbed by her boyfriend over an alleged love triangle at Nyokerio area, Njoro on Monday morning. 22-year-old Bachelor of Agriculture student Cynthia Chelagat at Njoro main campus is said to have been in her house when her boyfriend raided and allegedly stabbed her to death.

According to the roommate of the deceased, Velma Chesang, she was preparing to leave for school when the incident happened.

“I had gone outside to take a shower when I heard Chelagat scream. It caught my attention because I had left her in the house alone,” said an emotional Chesang.

Abigael Wanjiru, a local at the slum estate said they heard screams from the house and rushed to the house but the door was locked from inside. “We heard screams from inside the house but when we rushed to the house it was locked from inside. We could not get in,” said Wanjiru.

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After breaking into the house, the locals found the suspect standing next to the deceased who had several injuries and was oozing blood from her body. To escape the wrath of the angry residents, the suspect attempted to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the neck.

“We broke into the house and the girl was lying on the floor and had several wounds on her body. The suspect stabbed himself in the neck before being rescued by police officers,” said the local.

The two, according to locals, were lovers for a period of time. The landlady, Anne Muthoni pointed out that the deceased had raised concerns with her, stating that his former boyfriend was threatening to kill her.

“She had complained to me that her ex-boyfriend was threatening to kill her. I advised her to go to the police today before the tragedy happened,” explained Muthoni.

Confirming the incident, Njoro OCPD Charity Dorcas said the suspect who suffered minor injuries is undertaking treatment at Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru. The police boss added that investigations are underway and the suspect will be arraigned in court and charged with murder.

“The two are suspected to be lovers but it is not established. We are conducting more investigation before the suspect is arraigned in court,” said the OCPD.

To boost security in and around Egerton University, security officers will meet with the school administration to ensure students who reside outside the institution are safe.



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