Egerton University Students Divided in Stand as Varsity Maintains Sh16,832 as Damage Fees

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Egerton University, an institution right in the middle of Njoro sub-county in Nakuru county and one of the top public universities in the country has been a subject of discussion both off and online since yesterday. The institution’s decision to slap students with a fine of 16,832 shillings for the damages caused during a demonstration witnessed about a month ago has placed it right at the centre of talk on corruption in various universities in the country. The move hugely referred to as #EgertonHeist and attributed to an alleged inner circle of individuals now branded #EgertonCartels several have argued, is a ploy to accumulate as much money from over 15,000 students to pay the 800 million shillings owed to Kenya Revenue Authority by the institution. It indeed came to light that the University’s bank accounts had been suspended until they pay up the debt.

Former Student leader at the University Mr Isaac Ongoma has shared the under dealings that has been at the university depicting a clear rot in the management of the institution. Ongoma whose tenure also saw closure of the university due to demonstrations said that the whole scenario is planned. Others including the ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ hit maker Rabbit King Kaka also supported his claim noting that citizens must point out corruption there and then when they identify one.

Ongoma was discontinued from the University in claims Magazine Reel can confirm were baseless and unfounded. The university alleged that he led a strike which led to destruction of properties worth millions but in reality, the student leader was on record pleading with the students to remain calm and be peaceful on that fateful night. He even protected ladies in Old Hall hostels by keeping vigil all night on their gate close to the Deans Office. He was also documented and witnessed tackling students who were throwing stones and causing damages. Still, like any other public University in Kenya, Egerton management sat and decided to not suspend him but also arrest and throw him in custody at Njoro Police post where he stayed for almost a week.

Even though other students and alumni have come to the defense of the institution stating that the damages are real and must be paid for, some have read a misprint in the memo and notice published in one of the local dailies suggesting that the University meant to demand a pay of 1683.2 shillings.

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