Embu University College Students and Staff Help in Embu Town Clean Up


Embu university college staffs and students volunteered and sacrificed there time two weeks ago helping in the cleaning of Embu town. The university collaborated with the Embu municipal council, Achievers college Embu and NGOs.

The exercise helped in conserving the environment through cleaning and collecting of the gabbage.  This activity was lead by Embu environment and natural resources chief officer, Professor Mungendi. The chief officer said that the wastes were going to be recycled and used to come up with other new products. He said that organic materials would be used to make cheap organic fertilizers to be of help to Embu farmers. This will enable the farmers to increase there production.

embuThe main aim of the activity was to show good examples to the community especially the energetic idle youths about the importance of keeping the environment clean and friendly. It was also meant to show the community how the things they termed as waste were of great economic value. The students through the environmental club chairman of the unversity also promised to plant more trees in the town to turn it into green region.

The chief environmental officer of Embu county said that they had a plan of planting more trees in the town which would help in environmental conservation and creating a friendly environment for Embu county residents. The planting of trees will create an exotic environment for recreation and the trees will help in reducing the global warming. It will maintain the natural beauty of the mount Kenya slopes. The slopes are believed to be the main source of water. Most streams/rivers originate from the mount Kenya region.

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The Embu county residents highly appreciated the good work performed by the university students and staff.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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