Exams Sets Karatina University Students To A serious Mood


By Francis Juma

At the beginning of the semester, myriads of students seem to relax and take little or absolutely zero time in most assignments, they always drag in the course of their activities to the extent of now making their ways to school especially those who stay out of the campus. To those who stay within the institution they had no option but the only thing they could do is to skive class and head to the friend outside or inside where you will later hear of the booming sounds of loud music.

This gave the librarians and most school works a very humble time to do their job hastily. But now, another mood has taken the pre-eminence of the obvious and gave out a very serious turn of mode to many, they resolved to rejuvenated back to their revisions. It’s now a moment to many to industriously strive to excel and achieve their goal target this semester. A lot of discussion groups had mushroomed up both outside and inside the lecture halls. The school mess, labs, television and entertainment rooms were not spared neither. The anger to quench was now to focus with an extreme effort to accomplish any impending assignments, lab reports and others to meet the lecturer’s time outlined to them so that they may revise undisturbed.

To those interviewed showed that their effort is mostly focused to avoid supplementaries  (soup’s)  coming August. Soups are the worst they can harvest, it’s a shame to them, from friends and even to the lecturers, they continued to say that soups can hinder one to meet his or her goal objectives especially those aspiring to own a first class. Soups also presents a very ungodly image to both transcripts and the final certificates. To the lecturers they praised the tremendous effort the students have resolved and only argue them to do so from the kick off the semester.

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karatina exams 2This gave them a sigh of relieve, hopes and an assurance that they won’t contact supplementaries since it was a waste of time and only a proof their imperfect and inefficient in their teaching career. To the librarians and other workers especially from the labs were not alone, in fact the influx of students made them to demand for school ID for one to qualify to get access to the school resources due to the scrambling of seats, books and even computers at various places.





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  1. students busy preparing for the end semester exams,although some have not cleared from finance office and have not registered units for the same,they are praying hard the regstrar(ARSA) to allow clearence and opening of student portals for unit registration before april

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