EXCLUSIVE!!!: Confessions of A Gold Digger PART TWO


By the time am done with my story i will have gained three types of audiences or readers;The ones who want to be like me,the ones who want to stone me to death especially men and the ones who think it was a good story and that  I should repent.I am repenting. But not for what i did to those men.I am repenting for my 3 year old daughter who I pray doesn’t end up like me.


I am married.I know you are wondering why I did not say am happy and that is because I am not.Ladies if you think money is the source of happiness,you are right about one thing,it makes you happy-for a while ,but is it really the source?

I never got to know that until now.My husband makes me happy,if we consider money. I go to any destination I want,I have three closets full of shoes and clothes ,a room of mirrors .My daughter is in a good school and I cannot complain much.

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or maybe i can………….

I feel empty with no emotions. Nothing,no love… and that is what money cannot buy although I wish it did!

My husband does not love anyone but himself and I only have his child..that’s the only reason I stick to this sham we call ‘marriage’ but its all my fault because ….he loved me once! Once before he discovered the truth about me, truth from my past I wish I could erase..

truth I wish I could regret but I don’t…but on second thought- I don’t wish to erase anything because love does not exist…its just a mind game we all play sometimes some win while others and most of us …lose!



G.d Ella Wanjiru…

And this is a story about my demanding special career!



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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