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Blind media or Radio as it is popularly known has evolved over time, it has become versatile, connecting masses, passing out information and shaping opinion. Radio is also a source of entertainment .The evolution has taken lots of heavy investment in the production and content that goes on air on each and every station. However, behind the Microphones in each and every Live studio are people who ensure that the stations agenda is pushed to the audience. Of course that is after long hours of research. Today we are blessed to have one of the people who have been at the center of that evolution, we linked up with Martin Maxwell Opiyo of Egerton Radio on our One on one interview.

Koyo: Who is Martin Maxwell

Martin: I am a journalist with interest in Radio and TV Production. I also do little bit of photography. Did I mention that music is everything to me?


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Koyo: You are a radio presenter with Egerton Radio, tell us about your shows and the content you pass to your audience.

Martin: Hell yeah! I am a Radio presenter. I host the Evening Drive popularly known as Generation Y every weekday from 4 pm at Egerton radio. We talk about lots of stuff affecting the youth, random trending stories. Most certainly, good music is Part of my show!

Besides the Generation Y, I present the weekly countdown featuring the best music globally courtesy of Billboard Hot 100 on the Saturday Morning Drive (SMD) from 7 am.

Koyo: What do you think of our own content and the debate about 60% local music airplay?

Martin:To be honest I have no issue with playing 60% of local music. However, when we are basing these arguments let’s not forget to include a clause which clearly States that the 60% must only be good music. One thing for sure, my shows tend to steer away from certain local music and Artists for lack of content in their craft. Nothing pleases the ear than music I’d listen to when I’m sad or happy. That is something most local artists have not been able to achieve yet they want to give the audience 60% of crappy music. Give me Good music, I’ll give you 80% airplay on my shows! Ask Nyashinsky.


Koyo: You handle lots of production at Egerton Radio, how did you get to that?

Martin: That’s very true. Apart from my shows, I do audio production, video production and there’s Max Photography which is also gaining momentum. All these I must say takes up my entire time in a day but I Can’t complain because it’s all about passion, dedication and employing creativity. Without creativity you can’t achieve much, you have to be unique in all your productions. Standing out will always win you a point or two each time you come with something new!

Koyo: We learnt that you are also an established photographer/Video grapher, tell about that

Martin: Yes, I am the CEO of Max Photography where I shoot still images and video images, edit them before producing them.

Koyo: You shot the second episode of +254 Live? How was the experience

Martin: It was amazing working the cast of 254 live. Amazing experience for me as well, I consider everything I work on as a challenge, from the challenge, I Get experience which is continued process. Can’t wait to work with them again in the near future.

Koyo: Describe your first experience on Radio and the perception that most people have about Radio Presenters

Martin:I first got on air as News Presenter. The Head Of Radio Mr. Kioko Kivandi called one afternoon seeking to speak to me urgently. When I got to his place, Kioko thought that I should replace one Olanga Nyamamu who was taking a leave. I was confused about the decision but even More, I was confused when I went on air, I was lost for words, forgot to switch on/off the mics.

Besides that I think people should stop this perception of simply because you’re on radio you’re definitely famous and you should not have opinions. As much we’re journalists we definitely have opinions and suggestions just like any other citizen

Koyo: How do you handle your fans?

Martin: Let’s face it, I would be talking to my self-everyday if these awesome people didn’t listen to my show. I got nothing but mad Love and respect for them. They make me!

Koyo: What should we expect?

Martin:Expect great things in the future, maybe venturing into a little acting and you’re definitely looking at a future media-prenuer!

Koyo: Are you dating?

Martin: Did this question had to be ask? I prefer to keep my private life separate but in case you wanna find out, ladies you got to hit my social media pages and we’ll vibe bout that storo

Well, for the record, Martin has it that there is no problem having 80% of local music on his playlist. Listen to Egerton Radio on 101.7FM for a range of good shows and strictly tight presenters. You can catch up with Martin each and every day of the week from 4-7 PM on Generation Y. On Saturday, listen to his show as from 7-10 AM as he samples up the Billboard Top 40 on the morning Drive.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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