Expand the Kisii-Migori Road, Rongo University Comrades Cry Out

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Rest in peace is a slogan and the currently trending phase on Rongo University fraternity following the loss of three comrades within a month.

The series of deaths have come in a haste leaving no time to heal the previous ordeal and this has left many in an awe wondering what will follow because the reason behind the death still stands.

An East- African highway and the only route too the Rongo University’s main institution, the Kisii-Migori road is an always busy path all day long with all means of transportation using it but despite this fact the road is narrow than normal and this is the reason as to why vehicles crash on each other day in day out and as well the sole cause of the three comrade’s death as perceived.

This has raised a concern among the Rongo University Fraternity with many trying to advocate through the official students social media accounts and live talks about the need to take the necessary precautions against the possible reasons for the record of accidents.
They claim that being the only way to the institution’s premises doesn’t make things worse but being a conjunction between East African countries makes things worse as it contains all sorts of vehicles some of which may be too large to stick to their lanes.

They now urge the government and proper authorities to intervene so that they can minimize if not get away with the early death that sometimes looks like they aren’t God’s fate. This is a cry to save the whole community, a cry to stop untimely deaths and to help future generations.

With many reasons being associated with the accidents along Kisii-Migori road where some argue that the cause is due to over speeding and too many motorists with long lanes without bumps, carelessly driven vehicles, many still feel that the narrowness of the highway is the main cause and hence the need to be widened together with creating awareness of road safety. They hope that their tears will be wiped sooner.




  1. We urge the National government in collaboration with the Migori county to check on this saddening issue.

  2. Its really disturbing to see people both students and other pedestrians loosing their dear lives in this highway, you never feel safe on the road.. Its a real concern

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