Expelled Maseno University Student in Trouble at KeMU after Loss of Charity Funds


Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) students have ganged up against one of them after he appeared to have misappropriated funds accrued from a charity walk organized by KARD, a club at the varsity. The student believed to have been expelled from Maseno university on the basis of incitement to violence is accused of trying to play tricks with funds that were meant to help deserving children in the area. The student known as Brian Javan is accused of handing over the money less Ksh. 1400.

KeMU students led by members of KARD club said that they have in several occasions attempted to convince the former Maseno student to refund the money to no avail. The students told Magazine Reel that he had promised to pay back the money on December 4 2016 but has failed to do so 2 months later. They said that he is dishonest because he has been doing rounds inside the university claiming that KARD officials had acted contrary to the university regulations and dissolved the Charity Walk committee within which he was the chairperson.

Brian Javan is also said to be gearing up for the student union’s chairperson’s post in an election slated for 24th of this month. Information reaching the News desk indicate that already one of the students has chosen to present a petition to the electoral commission to ensure that his name is expunged from the list of participants arguing that he has contravened the university regulations and is not eligible to run for the post as per the guidelines in the union’s constitution.

The student has cited KEMUSO Constitution, Electoral laws, Article XIII, KeMU Students Handbook, Article 7 and the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 as legislation in defense of his move. Though it is not yet clear, sources say the electoral commission has already looked into the issue and resolved that Brian Javan will not be on the ballot come the 24th February Elections.


The student has also been accused of inciting KeMU students in pretense that he is campaigning to ouster the current leadership.

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