Find out Who is Making Egerton Dirty and How to Clean it


When you take a walk around Egerton University, you will come across many Sign Posts trying to sensitize people of what to do regarding the cleanliness of our surrounding.

From kitchenette in the CBD with a clear message ‘keep your workplace neat’ and that in the usual dumping site on your way to Njokerio just behind the university’s main library ‘do not dump waste here’, many people have disregarded these and continued to dump wastes in the sinks in the kitchenettes leading to blockage of the sinks. It is very common to see the university workers cleaning the kitchenettes as early as 8am only for you to find the wastes dumped in the sinks even before the workers are through with the cleaning.

As an Environmental Scientist in the making, I have tried to analyze the main reasons behind the devastating state of our university’s environment and came up with the following reasons:

1.Laxity by the University Administration.

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CleanBeing a premier Agricultural University and also a center which produces the best environmental scientists, the university is expected to put in place adequate waste bins along the major university highways especially the one from the Njokerio gate to the Education Complex. It is really shocking to see that that busy route has only two dustbins which are very far apart. Installation of adequate dustbins and at more convenient access points may make the ‘willing’ souls to dispose of their wastes more responsibly.

2.The Careless Nature of Most University Students
This emanates from that mentality that “I have paid fees and hence there are workers to clean up the university”. It is true there are workers to clean up the university but not including our various halls of residence. From my Religous Education, cleanliness is next to Godliness. If the statement is correct, any dirty person is nowhere near the Almighty. Cleanliness of the environment starts with me and you. That small sweet’s wrapper you dispose off inappropriately will accumulate in the environment and the scene will be unaesthetic. Having a positive attitude towards the environment and caring for the environment will always lead to a better life. Environment is life and hence requires the inputs of each one of us so that it continues to support life sustainably.

3.Failure by Relevant Clubs and Associations to Sensitize Students on the Care for the Environment
The Faculty of Environment and Resources Development (FERD), being the mother faculty concerned with the environment and the clubs within the faculty should come up with more initiatives with regard to the care of the environment. Coming up with campaigns especially to sensitize students to always put away their wastes in the relevant waste bins will end up being the most noble idea to come up with.

All in all, Egerton University is almost in the final stages of being ISO 14001 CERTIFIED in Environmental Management Systems. It will require the efforts of each one of us to make the certification a success. Caring for our environment requires the efforts of all of us. I hope that all those who had negative attitude towards our environment have started developing a positive attitude towards caring for the environment.

I am a friend of the environment, ARE YOU?



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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