First Year Students to Receive HELB Disbursements in January 2015

HELB loans

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has said that the first year students who applied for the loan will receive their first disbursements in January next year.

HELBThe board while responding to their #askHELB programmes questions from individual students said that they would be unable to disburse the amounts before processing the forms conclusively. In response to Magazine Reel, the board said that they will inform each student who applied on the probable dates of disbursement but remained categorical that it would only happen in the beginning of the next semester.

The move will be a blow to the students who have been complaining of the delays in processing their forms. The students for the past three weeks have complained of lack of funds and some of them said that it would force them to defer their studies if the body could not release the funds as fast as possible.

Over the years, the main students financier HELB has always released the funds at the start of November every year a case which seems to be a dream this year. The board had earlier on called on all their loan beneficiaries to pay up to enable them get enough funds to run the process. Other students have also registered their concerns that the amount they have been receiving is not enough for their upkeep. They said the body should consider providing a maximum amount of 120,000 Kenya shillings per academic year per student to enable them meet up their expenses.

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In other developments, while reacting to the Mr Ringera’s statement that the body will issue students with smart cards instead of the usual cash, students lamented the move stating that since they were bound to pay back, it will be unethical for the board to limit them on choices of activities to spend the money on. They told HELB to give the funds to banks and financial institutions if they could no longer take care of students concerns.



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  1. Sounds obnoxious..this learned guys should understand how campus lyf is hard coz they passed thru…bt seemingly,they put their appetites at the forefront..nkt

  2. Then you should tell us the exact date when the funds will b disburst? We are tired of this common word,’next’!!!

  3. pliz, pliz, we hv waited til january 2015. so let the disbursement be early enough before fee payment deadline comes. Pliz note that deadlines are stil in january

  4. i like the kind of unity the university students have. but at the same time they can
    employ patience but for instance its becoming too much this round on imagine the first semister is over for instance we are in dilemma i we going back to the village again to ask for help

  5. Am even tired 2 wait 4 dat money n infact its appetiete iz even now lost

  6. were getn impatient yu helb guys stop relenting frm yr work or else tta insite n strike ....

    helb helb helb …wen shall we refrint from this song fee deadline inafka ts already mid january ts nw tym to strike f yu wont disburse da money(loan)

  7. It seems so absurd having been promised last year the money will b disbursed january yet our acounts are still nill…we are in desperate need of the money..can”t you plz see in to it!!

  8. for you to get something in kenya at the right time ,then the officials must be pushed to the walls ,,,this time round it will be a surprise to see first years strike becouse of the sleeping officials at the helb office ,,,those employed at the customer help desk also wants to prove that they are tough ,,, tutaanza na nyinyi ,,ngojea friday na upeleke matumbo yako hapo ,,,utaipende kaka,,,hehehe

  9. those students who are not first years bt they aplied helb for the first time wil also receive helb ths month?

  10. Acheni Tamaa na uvivu mshughulikie mafesher…or u think that money is yours? that is our money… kama wengine wenu hamkupitia campo mjue vile life hapa ni hard! kwani tunangoja loan kama YESU??? acha uzembe na msaidie wanafunzi because they are your bosses!!, kama mmeshindwa na kazi ,fwata Lenku!! we need sensitive people there ama………mnaudhi sana nkt!,!!

  11. Am martin wamae maina,rongo unibersity i sent my form on sep upto now i havent got a confirmation whether my form reachrd you. pld acknowledge if you hot the form

  12. the board should stop joking…manze mafresherz tunasuffer ile most…hata food,accomodation na keepup kwa campus hatuezi mek it,,,kama hakuna iyo pesa mtuarifu mapema …tuanze kudefer tukatafute vibarua angalau tujisaidie cz we have lost hopes on uuuu….uo sons and daugters are enjoying life in diaspora universities while we suffer…so far we will pay the money back…imagine watoto wenu wangekua kwa universities za kenya wangefil vile tunafeel…some of us are total orphans….

  13. helb joking with minds of needy students always cheating us when to disburse money.Friday we are going to push you thro demonstrations just wait

  14. Some of the students from the financially disabled families are suffering too much.
    Its the high tine HLEB honoured its obligation of disburshing this loans.

  15. i wonder wats happening with ths “officials” . qwani kudisburse hio helb kunahitaji masters ya space science? today u ganna knw wat we typical kenyan student can do it better!!!……….

  16. We av waited mo than enough. Its now almost one month since learning resumed in universities and yet u av nt disbursed the money to students. How do u xpect us to survive without money? If ther is no money to disburse kindly let us know so that we dont waste tym atteding classes and at long last we dont sit for xams.

  17. i hate being a kenyan university student….tunatesekea shule whereas some few hooligans r fakin up awa mony….du xamthyn we r tired

  18. u helb guys….ur work is just yawning,stretching nd jus wairin 4 fud in the office…..we have really suffered…its a high tym 4 u 2 carry ur full stomaqs home n give rum 4 hardwakin guys..

  19. Why are cheating us helb you send us emails indicating you had send us money which is not reflected in our accounts, i think that was just but a propaganda to cool down the demonstration, just wait you would see we are not fools

    Helb wanatuchezea we are being cheated by emailing us we have received the money which is not there.I think that was just but a propaganda to cool down the comrades but am sory to the board you would see from comrades, you want to change this country to be syria

  20. these funds can’t help..! we expected the money for this term but its irony now the term is over.will we benefit for next term??

  21. the semester has just ended without dispursion on what u awarded me, kindly accord me please,,,,

  22. i was awarded some amount but dipursement hasn’t been done, kindly inform me incase there is any inconvenience,

  23. hope my plea will be put into consideration ..Thanks in advance as i eagerly a wait for your reply soon .In Kisii University main campus.

  24. Comment . i would like to know whether thr loan has been released for 2015_2016 April first applicants,. muya from ollessos technical institute

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  26. I applied 4 helb first loan applicant 2015/ 2016. I have not been notified whether my form reached or not. Again wen will this money be released? am I awarded or not? Am scared cz i can not afford to pay for my school fees. kindly helb me hoyee

  27. kindly help us i fail to understand esense of helb since we are severely suffering in school,helb is meant for education disburse funds the right time to meet its purpose.wish well as we receive the maximum amount

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