Fixed Games and Jackpot Combinations that Must Win Bonuses in any Betting Site

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Since the start of English Premier League and other top leagues in the world,there has been numerous football and betting activities all over the world. Many are having trouble picking winning teams due to the lack of consistency in so many leagues. The daily errors has siphoned so much money from punters’ pockets including those that they won and saved.

Betting during this times of economic difficulty in the world needs to be re-looked at and given a major face-lift. Anybody who bets need to do so not as a way of just entertaining self but as a way of making ends meet in their life. They need to do it as a job they depend on. It has to be your most trusted business. And in order to have it pay your bills, you need to make sure that you make some good wins within each week. But this is not a walk in the park. Some have lost all that they ever had in pursuit of a winning slip. Some have sold their properties and have bet their ways to poverty. It is a serious issue that you must consider before making a major decision on whether you are ready to make some money from betting.

What if you knew how to bet safely and successfully each day? What if you knew how to turn your betting activities into a profitable business venture that can turn you into a millionaire before end of the year? What if you knew how to pick winning games only and had an assurance that you can make up to 10,000 shillings each week from betting? Well, this is what will be discussed in this article. Learn how to be your own boss, turn betting into business and earn your income each day.

Gamblers are aware that there are so many leagues in play right now. There are so many leagues going on around the world and in various continents. It is easier going for a league you know so well and can easily predict a result of every game. It is even better to stick to two or three leagues at a go. You can decide to go with Bundesliga, Serie A and EPL and that will be enough to make you a fortune in no time. There are also Europa, UEFA Champions League and International games that you can take advantage of. You could also focus on smaller and little known competitions and you will be surprised how easy it is to win some money each day.

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Just picking top teams all through has led to others pocketing up to 6 million shillings in the past. There are matches that are more of ‘fixed matches’ and such is what you need to look out for if you need money starting today. Jackpots are even much more easier because they have been made pretty much a 3 league affair over time. Majority of the matches listed are from 3 competitions around the world. And England sometimes take the majority of teams listed.

Wondering why people have been winning SportPesa Jackpot, Odibets or Betika back to back? That is one sure reason.

Fixed games are not easily accessed and they are illegal. What you can readily have from trusted sites such as sahihi bet are slips guaranteed to win. Well, some call them fixed because they rarely will make you lose your money. Some place them each day just to generate a daily income and they have been making some good money as if they are really employed in some top notch company.

Sahihi Bet has a professional team that picks top slips and gives to subscribers at a fee. Aside from the normal slips, they also give customized Jackpot combos which have never failed to win bonuses. Need to taste the feeling of having up to 100000 shillings paid out by SportPesa, Betika, Mozzartbet or any other betting platform in the country this weekend?

Just subscribe to either Sahihi Bet Jackpot plan at a cost of 1300 shillings a week or the Rollover plan which costs 3500 shillings and gives you a sure slip of 5 odds each day, running bet slip with 40 odds going for 7 days and Jackpot combinations for 3 sites of your choice.

For fixed sure slips with 20 odds and above, Sahihi Bet charges 500 shillings for a day and 2500 shillings for a week.

Sahihi Bet experts also manage betting accounts for subscribers at a cost. They make profits of up to 10000 shillings for subscribers in a week and up to 40000 shillings in a month. They’ll make 1500 shillings each day.

In order to have your account managed for a week or a month; you’ll need to pay 2,000 shillings or 7500 shillings as service charge. You must also deposit 1000 shillings into your betting wallet. The team will reach out to you via call or sms and direct you on the next step.

Need to subscribe?

Pay via the process below

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Lipa na MPESA
  3. Buy Goods Till: 5266471
  4. Enter Amount: 500, 850, 2000, 2500, 3500, 7500
  5. Enter MPESA Pin and send

All slips are sent via sms upon subscription. Get in touch and make your order via SMS or calls to 0758271865. Mail us at



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