Former Maseno University Student to Run for MP in Lang’ata

Lang'ata and Raila

ODM’s super grounds man in Langata Mr Oscar Omoke declaration that he will be vying for Langata parliamentary seat on ODM ticket has set allies of Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga jostling.

Mr Oscar Omoke is reported to be mobilizing all young people and university students to register in the constituency. Due to his convincing power he is likely to prevail on ODM’s promise of a free and fair nomination to win in its nomination.

Rumors have it that Raila Odinga had earlier endorse his long time ally Ahmed Papa but things seem to change fast for the blue eyed boy as his diehard core friends top the list of aspirants who have expressed interest and demand Odinga to open up the field for the best person to win.

The former Prime minister wants to maintain his long time authority in the constituency. He needs a person who can mobilize in the ghetos of Nairobi (Kibaki had the Late Hon David Mwenje and Hon Maina Kamanda, Raila had Hon Mugabe Were, Fred Gumo and Reubens Ndolo while his opponent Uhuru Kenyatta has Ferdinard Waititu and
Mike Sonko).

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Langata politics is currently dominated by Luo and Luyha, an indication that for whoever emerges the winner in ODM nomination, he/she will have high chances to win in the general election.

Last week university students from UoN and Multimedia urged Raila Odinga to make the nomination a level playing field and should not favor any of his friends.Some of the aspirants who are rumored to eye the seat include:

1. Ahmed Papa-city celebrity feel good, feel rich businessman . Not sure if he can step in the slums to mobilize the hardcore base
2. Oscar Omoke – a leading ODM warrior and NHIF employee, a good grounds man
and got guts to get dirty- the right ingredient for City Politics
3. Nixon Korir- former Youth Adviser to DP Ruto, fairly elitists and may not have much time for slum fishing.



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