From Undergraduate to Unemployment, A story of Dreams Shattered and Hope Lost

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Graduands at a past graduation ceremony

The nation is on that graduation mood one more time. Facebook and Instagram is full of smiles and pictures of students dressed in academic attires. Captivating captions backed up with all good comments from friends and relatives. On Twitter, the hashtags are on the pipeline, as always Kenya is a tweeting nation.

Various institutions have their social media accounts active and vibrant, ready to pass to the nation a bunch of citizens they believe are now ready to step up and help in nation building.

Egerton university will be holding her 35th graduation ceremony tomorrow, joining other campuses who have had their graduation in the past two weeks such as UoN then Maseno comes on the 16th of this month and Kenyatta university keeps the trend on later in the month.

Graduation in most Kenyan public universities where most focus is only put on books is so over rated. Students are not advised to venture into business and other hustles. This is not the case in private universities where students are mentored and directed into businesses as early as their first year of study.

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Graduation should mean the ushering of students into the job market officially,those jobs they created for themselves and the few that are available for grabs in the rather jobless nation. Most students from private universities graduate owning companies and thriving businesses across East Africa. For one to graduate,he/she must go through the years and pay fees, pay for graduation fee, pay for the academic attires ,ensure that his/her gradation is attended by friends ,family and relatives ,all these are expenses that renders such a person hopeless and devastated on getting out of the celebration and finding no job at sight.

Cases of gradates walking the streets asking for employment in placards are slowly getting deep inside the nation. University students need to walk away from the libraries for some hours per day and get the real taste of the streets, meet people, get into offices and look for jobs. They need to be more out there to get used to the state of affairs.

Colleges/Universities should serve as a platform to network and link up with different minds not only academically but also socially,the word is best fit for social people who are ready to live in different conditions.

Universities should not only focus on the academic empowerment of students ,they should also ensure that the students are empowered socially and economically but opening up more business adventures and forums through which they can meet there mentors and interact more on life and its challenges.

Education is not enough mostly when we are surrounded  by poor graduates and rich corrupt politicians,lots of emphasis should be put on skills and street knowledge,few students though have managed to keep up with this, coming up with different avenues through which they can finance themselves in college.

To keep the dream alive and not to shift from Undergraduate to unemployment, students need bank more on skills and that extra edge from classrooms.

Congratulations to all those graduating from various universities/colleges.It is time to get it done .

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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