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Have you ever wondered how to manage your tasks in a fun way? Many at times in life we are confronted with an uphill of tasks to do, often we end up not performing most of the them. What if, i suggest to you that, theirs an easier way of planning your tasks in a fun way?funtask5

A fortnight ago Magazine Reel met a team of young talented problem solvers, the Henga Systems Team. They’ve made a mobile application called Funtask Organizer that will solve your task planning issues in a fun way. We managed to interview their Chief Financial Officer & Developer Kenneth Mbuthia. This is what he had to say,

Magazine Reel(MR): What’s your product name?

Kenneth Mbuthia(Ken): FunTask

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MR: What’s the problem FunTask is solving?
Ken: It’s an app that helps you plan your day and tasks according to how fun they are.


MR: What solutions are you offering to the affected party?

Ken: A better and friendly way to manage one’s time.
MR:  What influenced your product creation?
Ken: We got the original concept from a friend, Victor Ochieng and that was the version 1. We believed in it and decided to help him see it into fruition.
MR: Whom have you partnered with to deliver your products Funtask?
Ken: We haven’t partnered with anyone, Yet.


MR: What’s your target market?

Ken: People aged 12-35 , but most importantly, anyone with a smartphone and wants a fun way to plan their time.
MR: What’s the market like for your product?
Ken: We aren’t per se in a particular niche, since what we are doing is trying to make people to ‘see IT differently’ as our catch phrase from other apps.
MR: Who are your competitors and how well are you doing by comparison?
Ken: The Concept is rather unique so at the moment, we are yet to identify a competition.

MR: How many users have downloaded your application?
Ken: We are still in an Open Beta of approx. 300 users and version 1 was launched in March 2014. Currently we’re in version 1.x and tinkering with various ideas.
MR:  Do you have paying users?
Ken: No. A pro version is underway but that’s until Q2 Next Year.
MR: What’s your app revenue model?
Ken: Freemium.
MR: What’s your 6 months & 2yrs strategy?
Ken: It’s a bit complex and can’t yet be disclosed.
MR: What challenges have you encountered?
Ken: School; We’re all in school and this slows down development of our products.funtask8 

MR: What’s the biggest business risk to your venture?

Ken: Time. We wouldn’t like to be overtaken by events again as we previously did on our first project, Pesa Manager.
MR: How do you measure/monitoring customers needs? If yes, have you made changes based on their feedback?
Ken: We’re still in Beta, but we monitor through the Google playstore and direct feedback.

MR: What’s your exit strategy? Do you plan to go public/sell the product you have developed?
Ken: We’re in it for the long haul, so we want to see all our ‘babies’ succeed.

MR: What can you advice upcoming start-ups?
Ken: It’s never too early to pursue an idea, all it needs is discipline to be able to juggle everything.

To download Funtask Organizer for free & use it to plan your tasks & day in a fun way, click HERE.Henga

Funtask has been developed by Henga Systems, an IT Company formed in 2013 & incorporated in January 2014 by six friends. To see another awesome app they’ve made called Pesa Manager, read about it here.

The Henga Systems Team
The Henga Systems Team

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