Garissa University Attack Leaves 15 Dead and 65 Seriously Injured


Barely sixteen hours after the head of state declared the nation safe. Kenyans have woken up to shocking news from the little known Garisa university college located at the horn of the nation. As I do this piece, unconfirmed number of students are being held hostage not in a mall but in the mosque and the hostels at Garrisa University.

News reaching our desk is that at around 5:30am in the morning, six vested gunmen invaded Garissa university on a shooting sphere, according to sources closer to the university, the gunmen entered the university through the main gate where they first killed two watchmen at the gate before heading to the mosque.

At the mosque, they poised as worshipers having in mind that anytime the students and the university officials will be heading to the same mosque for morning prayers, it is in the mosque where the attack begun as the gang ,suspected to be Al-shaabab militia started shooting indiscriminately at the worshipers, those who managed to escape describe the experience as rubbing shoulders with death. The intentions for the attack is yet to be known as the gunmen have nit demanded any ransom or talked to any government official.
More revealing is that a security official who spoke to the media hinted that he had warned the institution of the attack earlier yet nothing much was done or rather not much preparation was put to curb it.

This attack is one that could have been avoided, it’s also reported that The university of Nairobi and the United states university had also issued terror alerts and in the same time in Nairobi, security bosses had already been mobilized for a crisis meeting, perpahs the speed and the manner in which security is handled in the nation is more slow and wanting.
We remember the Westgate attack where the nation came up with the We are one philosophy, a philosophy that would later go viral on twitter an on facebook, Kenyans, specifically the university students countrywide are waiting to see whether such a phrase will be coined once more now that the affected here are their won. The government official’s have sent in messages to newsroom urging r4esidents to keep calm, a message Kenyans are used to if and when a situation occurs.
The bottom line of this whole scenario is one big question. Are we really safe? Are you sage in that campus you are at? A closer example is Egerton university main campus where everybody just gets in and out without any security checks!
The nation Is watching and everybody seem to be confused, with the gunmen still in the university premises, the big question remains how they will be fetched out without threatening the lives of the students in there.

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As at now, information reaching us from the disaster operation department is that 65 people have been injured from the attack and are admitted at Garissa level five hospitals, four are in critical condition and most of them have gunshot wounds. All residents around the place are requested to make a walk at Garissa level five hospital to donate blood to help the wounded.
As at now, close to four hundred students are still within the campus out of a population of one thousand.
At Magazine Reel we send our condolence to the families of those whose relatives have lost their lives following this attack, we also pray with those in hospitals.

We are following this story closely and will be updating you with the latest on it and more.Follow us on twitter @MagazinReel and @KoyoOdongo.




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