Going Down: The Elegant La’ Boa Fashion and Exhibition Show

La Boa Break Away Fashion
La Boa Break Away Fashion

Egerton University will this weekend be hosting a fashion show of its kind since the launch of the institution in the early 1980’s, dubbed La’ Boa Fashion Week. La’ Boa originates from French and Taita words.’ La’ a French word meaning ‘the’ and ‘Boa’ meaning ‘elegant’ in Taita.

This is the first of its kind in Egerton University. It aims to give exposure to both upcoming artists and designers by providing a platform for them to showcase their work. It’s expected to be an annual event to be carried on by the next generation of fashionista students. The idea originated from final year students pursuing a degree in clothing textiles and interior design.

Going Down: The Elegant La’ Boa Fashion and Exhibition Show
Going Down: The Elegant La’ Boa Fashion and Exhibition Show

Due to the lack of a platform for them to showcase the projects they have done throughout their four year course, they decided to come up with their own fashion show to showcase their work. Although the show has been generated from these students the aim is to give exposure to students taking other courses during the annual fashion show.


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The main objectives to be achieved will include; social integration and responsibility, talent development, development of art as a viable tool for economic development and as a source of employment. The event has been brought about by the need of exposure for different artists who may not have the capability to access the various exposure platform in existence.


The event will take place on the 24th of October 2015 which is on a Saturday at Upper Mess, Egerton University. Entry are tickets go for;

  1. Advance – Ksh 150/-
  2. Gate – Ksh 200/-
  3. VIP – Ksh 500/-

Call Jackson on 0705-272-044 or Michelle on 0724-204-059 to get your tickets now!

La Boa Break Away Fashion
La Boa Break Away Fashion


Being an art based event, the activities of the day will include; band performances, arts display, designers’ fashion show, poetry and spoken word.


The event majorly targets the student fraternity, the lecturers and the university surrounding community so that they can be able to see what the other students can do.


Art is everywhere in our daily life, this event is organized by young people for young people, we do this with the love of changing the face of art and fashion not only in this county but also in the country as a whole. So come one come all.

For any inquiries; email us on: laboa@gmail.com

See You There Tomorrow 🙂

The event has been sponsored courtesy of; Magazine Reel, KCB Bank And Juss the Artist.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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