HELB Calls on to First Time Loan Applicants to Fill Appeal Forms as Deadline Date Nighs

HELB Loan, Higher Education Loans Board

By Mathew Yego

Good evening bonafide students.

Most of our students who applied for HELB for the first application have just received communication with special regard to a commitment by HELB to either finance them or not.

We would like to address the following in respect with questions we have been receiving from students either through SMS, Voice calls, WhatsApp and Facebook.

1.For those who are yet to receive said communications kindly be patient as your forms are being processed still.

2. For those who have received and have been awarded zero. The appeals portal has been opened and it will run open until 31st Dec 2016.

You can log into your HELB portal and download the form and with engagements from the Dean of students office be able to appeal the decision for HELB to re-evaluate their decision. This also apply to students who have been awarded a smaller amount than they expected. For instance, if you have been awarded Ksh. 35,000 and you wish to get Ksh. 50, 000

3. For the Government sponsored students who have been awarded, Just be patient as you await HELB to finish their transaction and remit the funds to both your personal account and the University account.

4. Self sponsored students who have been awarded to immediately visit the Dean of students office for purposes of recording your details to enable the office to liaise with HELB for the processing of your finances.

Note that for your specific case the earlier you bring your details the earlier the office processes your details to enable you benefit.

Kindly pass the message to as many students as possible. May you be blessed as always as you continue to endeavor in your studies this semester.

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  1. i was awarded 0 then i had to appeal for the same then havent seen a respond can i take because truly am stuck and i cant manage to pay the balance i have surely. please give me the way forward.am the first year students starting a second semester with with a huge amount of balance can you help me please. ID NO. 33458744

  2. I was awarded zero but unfortunately have realised about the appealing forms late when the web has been closed down so have not yet appealed. wat do I do and my single parent is stuck in paying the fee. kindly advice

  3. hi am a student at TUM i have realised late that appeal deadline is over advice mi on way forward to clear my fee

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