HELB to Hold a Meeting with Student Leaders Over Loans


Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has call a meeting to be attended by all student leaders in Kenya dubbed the, “Student Leaders Annual Conference 2015”. The meeting will take place in Maanzoni Lodge on 10th and set to end on 13th July, 2015. The meeting is themed, “Financing University Education Through Sustainable Financial Products”.

While confirming the news, Technical University of Kenya’s student union chairman said that the loans board was finally heeding to their plea of having a constructive dialogue. He said that they are looking forward to provision of solutions to problems which HELB themselves have created. 

The board has in the recent past found it difficult to deal with the students because loan disbursement delays. Close to 15 out of 30 strikes in Universities was caused by delays in Helb disbursement in 2014. The strikes culminated into a nationwide demonstration led by all the student leaders in Kenya. 

HELB to Hold a Meeting with Student Leaders Over Loans

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As of yesterday, Kenyatta University student union had issued a two days notice to the board. This was due to failure of the board to release attachment funds to students accounts as agreed. But in a quick rejoinder HELB promised them that close to over 200,000, 000 shillings will be disbursed to individual students account today. This saw KUSA secretary general Steven Mwadime call off the demonstration but not without firing a strong warning just incase the board breaks their agreement.

Among issues to be discussed include:

  1. Delay of disbursement of helb loans
  2. Chances of increase of HELB loan to students
  3. The state of HELB loan
  4. Question and answers from students leaders concerning student helb loan challenges

In other news student leaders all over Kenya met with Devolution Cabinet Secretary Miss Ann Waiguru. The meeting which took place late last week in Miss Waiguru’s office was meant to discuss several problems affecting students.

Among the issues which were discussed include:

  • Partnership on the 30% Prefential Rule on Government Procurement for the University Students & Youths in general.
  • The inclusion of University Students in the management of the National Youth Council as envisaged in the National Youth Council Act, 2009.
  • Appropriate attachments & internships for university students.
  • The Presidential Award System-Tertiary Institutions Component.




We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. Parallel students are suggesting that half of the helb loan to be deposited in their accounts directly.

  2. am wishing to join parallel come jan2016 .what are the qualifications for a helb loan and max. amount i can receive

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