Here is a Betting Model that can Help You Make a Fortune in a Month

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Building a sports betting model that works in any site can be difficult work. We won’t lie to you. It can mean long hours of tediously entering data, sorting spreadsheets, setting up databases, testing, re-testing and re-re-testing.

All this, with no promise that you will eventually ‘crack the code’ is why those who are serious enough with betting are going for the already established models from specific Tips sites such as Kenya’s Sahihi Bet.

The Betting platforms have the sharpest minds working for them each day trying every means to compose the odds that millions of people will find difficult to beat. You think you’re going to come up with a system to beat them in a couple of afternoons of analysis? It’s not going to happen. It takes time, dedication, a sharp mind and persistence. But if they do it, you too are able to fit in and make some good money.

Where do you start when building a sports betting model? What are the key elements to developing a profitable betting model? In this article we discuss the basic to consider when starting to develop a sports betting model. And you need to do this before most leagues kick-off next month.

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We know successful bettors who have built a number of statistical betting models over the years, developing everything from a football betting model to a basketball betting model, a baseball betting model to a ice hockey betting model.

So where do you start?

A successful bettor once told us his first betting model was developed using graph paper. Then after he discovered spreadsheets, and from there databases and from there some very basic Php programming.

So at the very least, know how to throw a spreadsheet around and learn how to make the data dance. And from there, work your way into building databases and writing queries. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did.

For starters, we recommend not only a sport you know well, but a league you know well for your test run.  If you don’t understand the fundamentals of the sport or league, it’s very difficult to know where to begin in your analysis and very difficult to know how to assess the performance of the sport’s participants. The markets that you are going to attack is at the very core of your betting model’s identity. Is that market head to head betting? Is it line betting or handicap?

We will go with English Premier for this demonstration. Your model should be able to pick out clear teams with high probability of winning in each game week. On average, about 13 games are played each week. If your model is able to pick just 6 games and pin point clear winners then you are up to some big stuff. You are on your way to being financially stable. Stick to only such a league you have based your model on and take advantage of that by solidly investing in your stake.

Here is an example. Say in EPL, for six weeks in a row, Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea all play against other teams and wins in unison atleast in four weeks out of the six, a multibet for them each week with a stake of 1000 shillings might be enough to make you a profit of more than 30,000 shillings. Lets say, the slip has odds of 12 on average, you’ll be taking home 12,000 shillings each week for four weeks making it 48,000 shillings and will only lose 2,000 shillings as stake for two weeks. Profit is your total win less your total stake, so, you will have 42,000 shillings as your profit. Is this not good money for you?

Well, this might be so much for you in terms doing it on your own. We understand because it is too complex and only bookmakers and a few tips sites are able to come up with the best models. The good news is, you can engage the services of those already with successful betting models such as the one we just highlighted. They will be providing you with their slips each day and your only job will be to stake and collect your winnings each day. In East Africa, you can go with Sahihi Bet. Their models are so fine tuned that they can also manage your betting account and make you the amount we are talking about as you go about your other businesses.

Asking how they can do this for you?

This is business and as you have seen, they put in so much work to reach to such a level, they therefore charge for each of their services and already have a good pool of subscribers. They have a set of prices for their plans ranging from as low as 500 shillings to as high as 18,500 shillings. It all depends on the type of services and the period of subscription. To have them manage your account for a week, Sahihi Bet charges 3000 shillings in total; 2000 shillings is paid to them as service charge and 1000 shillings is used as your starting stake. They can also do it for a month at a total cost of 7500 shillings or for three months at 20000 shillings. There are also other services which provides you with a slip each day or say a running bet slip or a Jackpot combination for a week. Price for a single slip with 20 odds each day is 500 shillings and 3 Jackpot combinations cost 750 shillings per week. Running bet slips with 50 odds and going for 3 days cost 1800 shillings. Sahihi Bet instantly sends the slip via SMS to a subscriber upon payment except in the management plan which they do from their end.

Aim high. Shoot for the big time. This is where the money is. And it’s where the challenge is too. Build a betting model that will give you options and one that will provide for you long-term.

Made up your Mind and need to subscribe to a plan in Sahihi Bet?

Pick a plan say Account management for a week or a month or 3 months then;

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till as 5266471
  5. Enter Amount payable for the plan picked ie 500, 750, 2000 or 7500 or 20000
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

You can get in touch to Sahihi Bet and book any of the plans via SMS or calls to 0758271865 or via E-Mail to or via Telegram.



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