Here is How to Apply for 2018/2019 HELB Loan and Succeed

HELB Loan, Higher Education Loans Board

Below is a step by step guide on how to apply for HELB online and be successful in your application. The procedure includes a list of the documents that you will need when applying for HELB for the first time. The maximum amount that the board awards to each university student is as high as Ksh.60,000 and as low as Ksh.35,000.

Although HELB application is done online, a student is required to download the HELB loan form after filling so that it can be signed and submitted to HELB offices located at Anniversary Towers in Nairobi. Some of the documents that you should have when applying for HELB for the first time include;

1. National ID card
2. Bank Account
3. A KRA PIN (Go to any Cyber and they will help you to generate a KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority)
4. Parents Details (Photocopy of Your Identification Card)
5. Email address
6. Details of any three people who will be your guarantors that are already employed (You should have a copy of their ID)


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1. Visit the official HELB portal then click Helb Registration.
2. Click on the Tab Indicated create an account to create your HELB account by filling the spaces as prompted.
3. After logging into your account click on the link First Time Undergraduate Loan Application
4. Start filling your form accurately. Don’t skip any step (You will be expected to fill personal details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and Bank details). So make sure you have them.
5. After you have completed filling your form accurately go through each detail to confirm whether you have filled your form correctly.
6. After confirming that you have filled your form correctly go to home page and click the icon indicated “Print form” to print your HELB Form.
7. After filling your form, ensure that all the parts required to be signed have been signed

Getting HELB loan is a guarantee to all students so long as you have filled your form accurately and with truthful information. HELB does not select on which students to award HELB and which one not to award.

Kindly note that the Official HELB website is Also, mark August 31st 2018 as the deadline for submission of the application forms.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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