Here is how You can Bet in SportPesa and Win Your Lost Cash Back in a Week

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The 3 most common reasons you keep losing a bet in SportPesa are the following:

  1. Place Bet in SportPesa too much too soon
  2. Accumulator Bet in SportPesa
  3. Setting unrealistic expectations

Betting Too Much Too Soon

If you’ve won a few bets, you could start thinking you’re a wizard and start making bets left, right and centre.

This leaves you open to making a LOT of mistakes, losing you a lot of money.

Placing a bet in SportPesa is like a marathon, not a sprint.

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The people that get affected by this the most are usually beginners. If you are new to sports betting, slow down.

It is easier to take your time and learn some of the best strategies. Joining one of our plans here can do you real good.

Extremely Long Accumulators

There is no winning bet in SportPesa that is based on very long full of many games accumulators. If you think you will win, you’re either lying to yourself or you have in the past only made a single accumulator and got incredibly lucky.

To win from an accumulator as long as you might be tempted to place, all the events must win or you end up with nothing.

Sure, the payouts are large but the probability of winning means that the bookmakers always have the edge. A betslip with more than six games has a probability of less than 40% not unless it is a running bet which goes for many days with one to two games each single day as is provided to subscribers in this High Level Plan at an entry fee of 3,500 shillings per month.

When a large accumulator comes in, it usually makes the rounds on social media.

Why’s that? Because like the lottery, it’s rare to win.

And that’s exactly what an accumulator is: a lottery.

If you’re making accumulators with more than six to seven games, stop right now and only bet on few games accumulator bets preferably singles, doubles or fives. The High Level Plan gives subscribers a chance to invest in 2 safest odds daily for a period of 30 days. To join, send 3,500 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269 and forward the message to 0758271865. You will receive the daily sure 2 odds via SMS and you’ll also be added into an exclusive Telegram Channel with more daily benefits.

Setting The Bar Too High

How often do you really think you can make winning sports bets? 100% of the time on your own?

Well, the truth is, this is very unrealistic. And that goes for anyone.

While it’s possible, if you know someone that claims otherwise, or even that they win more than 99%, they’re most likely lying to you.

The best sports bettors in the world that spend most of their days studying the data don’t win this much.

In fact, they win between 55% – 60% of their bets.

And they’re the best in the world!

Don’t set the bar too high so that you’ll never reach it.

Sports betting is a grind. There will be highs and there will be lows. Nevertheless, with a well-thought-out strategy, you may end up being profitable.

If you think you’re going to end up like the guy to the right after a few bets, it’s time to forget it right now.

Set realistic expectations or you could join our already set monthly goal of a 40,000 shillings profit each month for High Level Plan subscribers; a plan which still boasts of huge risk takers and big wins on a daily basis. This way, we will guide you through it all ensuring that the awesome days of winning a bet in SportPesa will feel earned and losing days won’t hurt as much.

The High Level Plan encompasses 2 never losing odds per day, 100% safe. You’ll also benefit from time to time updates on how you can pick your teams and how much to place per betslip in order to achieve your individual objective. It also sets a shared objectives in terms of profit per week for all subscribers who are pushed to ensure that they are in the same level with others in accumulating riches. Those in High Level Plan also receive Jackpot Combinations prior and without paying a dime for the whole month and are also given specific jackpot matches to place as single bets for free.

The payment is 3,500 shillings for East Africans or $50 dollars for the rest of the world to subscribe to the plan. Pay via MPESA to 0792862269 or via Airtel Money to 0781864581 or PayPal and forward the payment details to 0758271865. You will be added to the plan instantly and will start receiving instant updates on a daily basis via SMS and through our Telegram Channel.

The final piece of the jigsaw is that the High Level Plan is having the right strategies that can consistently make you a profit. It’s not impossible to turn that initial 5,000 shillings into over 1,000,000 shillings within 6 months of professional sports betting.

Other Profitable Plans for Your Consideration

You could also earn some daily cash by subscribing to our daily plan at 250 shillings, weekly plan at 599 shillings and monthly plan at 2,000 shillings. You can chat us up on Telegram or by contacting us via 0758271865. All payments are made via MPESA to 0792862269 or via Airtel Money to 0781864581 and then forward the payment details/message to 0758271865. Non East Africans can pay via Paypal.

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