Here’s How You Can Take Charge and Care for the Environment


At least once in a while I do peruse the newspapers to see what’s going on in the country. I open the paper page by page just reading what seems to capture my eyes. All this while am looking for something that I can’t seem to find anywhere or in the days I find it, it’s just a small piece and that is it. There’s usually a variety of stories in the newspaper every day from politics which is always the headline of all the dailies to entertainment, fashion, art, sports among other fields.

EnvironmentWhat always gets me thinking out loud is the fact that there’s usually barely anything on the environment and related issues. I happen to be an environment lover and campaigner so it’s usually saddening to go through the papers with nothing interesting for me to read.

One day am seated somewhere outdoors looking at the beautiful green vegetation cover and am thinking, why can’t we have the daily newspapers highlight something like global warming, carbon (iv) oxide levels in the atmosphere, the recycling of plastics or even the conservation of water catchment areas? Can’t we have the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources organize something green even for the school going kids to take part in?

Then it hits me, maybe something like this will never come up, and so why don’t I just take it upon myself and make it my responsibility and work with some of my friends and other willing individuals to make a change? As a result am now writing this piece because am taking it as a step to reach out to masses out there who are probably like me.

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I can peruse the papers every day and get upset that the government barely gives interest to anything environmental and is doing nothing about it but the question is what am I doing about it? It is our collective responsibility. Let us not just sit and wait but instead take it upon ourselves to do something each day.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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