Here’s What Happens If You Experience a Slip and Fall at Work

Injury in the workplace

A slip and fall can occur anywhere. When one happens on the job, serious injuries sometimes result. Because this type of accident occurs in the workplace, there are workers’ compensation laws in effect. This helps protects the rights of injured workers and ensures they receive the benefits they deserve as they recover.

Common Reasons for Slip and Falls

There are multiple reasons for slip and falls. Often, there are obstacles or spills that lead to safety concerns. Property owners and business managers are responsible for keeping the work environment safe for employees. When someone is injured, they can learn more at  Some reasons for slip and falls include the following.

· Uneven floor surfaces
· Oily spills
· Wet or waxed floors
· Improper lighting
· Debris or other obstacles
· Ice
· Potholes in sidewalks and parking lots

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What Happens When You Experience a Workplace Slip and Fall?

When a worker experiences a slip and fall, they need to first seek immediate medical attention, even if they do not believe they are seriously injured. Shock can sometimes cover up serious injuries.
It is important injured workers report their injury to their employer as soon as possible. Most states have their own deadline for reporting and this is typically around 30 days. A failure to report the injury in time could result in a worker being unable to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

Once the employer has been informed, they must then report the injury to their insurance company so the claims process can be started. The insurance company typically has two weeks to decide.
If the worker’s injury claim is approved, they will receive partial wage replacement and medical benefits while they recover. Unfortunately, many injured workers are unfairly denied.

What Happens When a Claim Is Denied?

Sometimes, injured workers are unfairly denied their workers’ compensation benefits. When a denial occurs, this does not mean the process ends. The injured worker has the right to appeal the decision made by the insurance company. Depending on the state, this may mean negotiations take place or a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Many injured workers feel more confident hiring a lawyer to help them address the denial. A lawyer works to protect the rights of the injured party and holds the employer accountable for the workers’ compensation benefits they owe.

Although it is certainly not required, hiring a lawyer can give you great peace of mind and ensure the right steps are taken in the process. Even if an injured worker does not think they need legal help, it would be wise to at least consult with a lawyer to gain understanding.


Workplace injuries can happen with very little warning and can leave behind major injuries. When workers are injured on the job, they have a right to workers’ compensation benefits.
Being aware of the rights you hold as an injured worker is essential. Do not allow your employer to give you the runaround. Hold them accountable and fight for your rights to receive the fair workers’ compensation benefits you are owed. When problems arise, getting assistance from a lawyer is beneficial.



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