Horrible side effects of Emergency Contraception ( the morning after pill)


Emergency contraceptive pills also known as “morning after pills” can make you queasy and some women throw up after taking the morning after pills. One might also get a headache, feel fatigued or dizzy, have some lower abdominal pain or find their breasts more tender than  usual. These side effects stop within a day or two. The pills can cause unexpected bleeding in some women which should not cause worry since the bleeding is expected to clear up by the time you have your next period or in most cases, within three days. The pills might also cause delayed or early periods this is because the pills contain hormones which might affect your monthly cycle. Read also revealed-university-students-dont-use-protection-during-sex

To prevent nausea and vomiting, you can take the non-prescription anti-nausea medicine called meclizine . Research shows that taking two 25 mg tablets 1 hour before using combined emergency contraceptive pills reduces the risk of nausea by 27% and vomiting by 64%, but this drug doubles your chances of feeling drowsy (to about 30%). If you happen to throw up within 1 hour of taking a dose of either type of emergency contraceptive pills, some health care providers recommend repeating that dose just in case your body didn’t have a chance to absorb all of the medication.

Emergency contraception that contains only the hormone progestin has been found to cause fewer side effects the emergency contraception pills that contain a combination of estrogen and progestin.

Lastly, emergency contraception prevents pregnancy; it does not end one if you’re already pregnant. Nevertheless, emergency contraception is not 100% effective. The sooner you take emergency contraception, the more effective it will be at preventing an unplanned pregnancy. Beware that emergency contraception is most effective if taken within 72hours(three days).

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If you take emergency contraception and your next period is more than a week late, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Read also what-you-dont-know-may-just-kill-you-deadly-effects-of-conra



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