Horrific Details Emerge in the Slain Egerton University Student’s Case

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New details have been revealed in the brutal death of a university student, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.

The Fourth-Year Egerton University student who was found murdered in cold blood early this year, had multiple stab wounds a pathologist told a Nakuru court on Thursday.

Dr Titus Ngulungu, who conducted the autopsy on Cynthia Chelagat’s body, told the Nakuru High Court that the body had over six wounds.

Dr Ngulungu said even though her heart was normal, the wounds bled a lot of blood which went to the lungs and blocked air from circulating.

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He identified the cause of Ms Chelagat’s death as blockage in the air wave as a result of blood clots in the injured blood vessels.

“The body had more than six significant wounds, especially in the neck area,” Dr Ngulungu said.

Mr Edmond Ruto, boyfriend of Ms Chelagat, is facing murder charges in connection with her death.

He is accused of killing Ms Chelagat on February 19 after the two had an altercation at the victim’s off-campus room in Njokerio, Njoro.

Mr Ruto in custody after he failed to raise a Sh300,000 bail issued by the court.

Three more witnesses are lined up to testify in the case.

The case was adjourned Thursday after the witnesses failed to testify because some of the exhibits they intend to rely on are in the government chemist for examination.

The case will be heard on November 7 and 8 and mentioned on July 18.



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