How 2015 Matriculation Ceremony Was at Kenyatta University


Today the 11th 2015 saw Kenyatta university September intake applicants being officially enrolled as students in the institution in a colorful ceremony full of decorum and charming entertainment from comedians, the institutions re-known music band, dance and music clubs and finally not forgetting the anticipated peroration from the institution’s vice chancellor. It all occurred at Kenyatta University main graduation square.

During curtain raising session ‘zilizopendwa’ fans had it all. Rib cracking comedians couldn’t stop the audience dissolve into laughter with one comedy being of a first year who went to the mess and on realizing that ugali was sold at 7 shillings only, he ordered ugali worth 28 bob (you know how the plate looked like after that). Traditional dances from the institution’s music club did well in amusing the ‘freshers,’ a reminder that higher education is there to create mentality of preserving African cultures.

After almost an hour of entertainment, the next session was for the students to take matriculation oaths. One after the other, each school rose and in unison and swore to; engage in pursuit of knowledge and to uphold the name of their schools and the University,  adhere to rules and regulations governing students conduct at Kenyatta University in accordance to the university charter and statute and finally promoting the activities of the school through active participation in its academic programs.


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The ritual was still on and this time the stage was felt for the vice chancellor. She commenced by introducing members of management, the deans and and directorates. In her speech, she majored on the vast opportunities and resources that were all at the disposal of the freshmen and women such as the post modern library describing it as the best in Kenya and East Africa in general.

“The library will no doubt explore any area in which you have doubt,” said the VC. She touched on the ICT system withing the institution, the computer labs and the WIFI that’s now available in virtually all spots of the institution. This were all important to enable students access online books and library. To see that the first years will at the end graduate as competitive in the job market, the VC talked of the ongoing student work induction program.

Taking of minor courses, she also encouraged and stressed on competitiveness in the job market. She addressed issues on student leadership programs, the African student exchange programs with other african universities that will enable successful student applicants go for an exchange program for a semester in any designated African university.

“Enjoy campus, go to church, put God first because it’s the same God that will help you plan well and be responsible while choosing friends.” That was the conclusion of her speech. Short and precise the ceremony went down great.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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