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The Kenya university and college central placement service(KUCCPS) formerly known as joint admission board.A body that places government sponsored students to universities has announced that the online application system for the 2014 KCSE candidates will be on Monday 20th to 4th June. 2014 candidates are expected to fill in courses of there dream carriers.


I got an A- of 76 points but my dream job was electrical engineering ,so despite the fact that my cluster points didn’t qualify me for the course, i went on and selected it as my first choice in four big universities in Kenya.The other three courses i did the same mistake by   choosing competitive courses from competitive universities.And the outcome was that i din’t secure any of the choices i made and was forced to re apply and by then most of the courses had been taken up and so i was just given a course i didn’t know of its existence in a constituent college .And so my advice to the 2014 candidates is that;After


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securing a course in any university,that will be the end of saying i would like to be so and so when i grow up .like being a doctor,pilot and other highly ranked jobs.

  • Among all the options that you make, make sure that you are comfortable with all of them unlike many who tend to put their any course as the final option.
  • Select your courses carefully after computing your cluster points  and ensuring that you qualify for them,since if you don’t qualify,you will be allocated any course that will be available.
  • Only select for the universities that you qualify,don’t be lured by your friends since everyone will be talking of the big names like KU UON JKUAT .
  • You better select a big course in a small university,because in every course all the units undertaken are almost the same in every university that is registered.ALL THE BEST TO THE COMRADES TO BE.



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