Are you a job seeker? Student? Hustler?

Then you need to realize your actual need and obey the mar slows hierarchy of needs. But there are a handful of people who have reached the self actualization stage…who knows who they are?

You might be living a comfortable life under your current hustling situation. Wannabe millionaires deceive themselves by feigning financial contentment this century. They are the higher earners who live in flashy bucolic homes by going into a debt up to their throats hence financial crisis. They are the people who take their children to the Porsche schools around, buy latest car models, phones and even home appliances.

There is more to becoming a wealthy man or lady. Wealth is not equated to a mathematical theory or the hear say of Abunuasi but to the logical reasoning of how to live in a culture of budgeting and saving.

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financeEast or west you will be able to spot a man or lady driving the latest car in the market in order to acquire a certain status. The great fortunes you see around started from somewhere with someone who planned and did managed his or her financials properly; scratch.That’s why the late ‘Njenga Karume’ could boast of himself of turning charcoal into gold.

If one could just budget for for a month then he/she will be in the know of coming up with a petty cash book. The ‘surplus’ money can be taken to savings account as life goes on, you could accumulate large sums of money that can be invested somewhere else.

Rahab Muchunu, a financial adviser, says that, in these recent hard economic times, one should be able to have a work plan that involves money saving that is why financial institution like banks exists. She further clarifies that one should understand his/her financial estimates to be in the know of how to spend money on the compatible investment that will not overstretch their bank accounts. And that is the ‘scratch’.

People have ventured into different businesses nowadays and even as i write students at Egerton University especially the Nakuru Town Campus have decided other methods of getting money in order to seclude themselves from the rest as a way of showing the way to the wealth creation. Some of them sell shoes, wrist Bands commonly known as shamballas, clothes, body sprays and so many Merchandise.

Joyanne Wambui says, “I’m happy living as a lady of class because whatever I do, I want to enjoy my life when still young through making my own money.” Many youths are jobless and yet there is a lot they can do. The problem with most students is that; when their business starts to thrive and make lump sum of profits they start practicing certain activities that abhor wealth creation. Clubbing, dating of different ladies and men will be the their daily routine.To their realization it will be too late to some of them.

Amicus Wafula, a shopkeeper at the campus, says he has been making good profit from the sale of stationery. But a sprite invaded him and started splurging his profit till the money was exhausted to the capital itself. Now he regrets on why he did not save the profit made in any of the banks that could have been a stepping stone to the wealth creation.

People need to have a saving culture. To succeed in business, they must be prepared to both ask for favors and give them back in return especially the youth. If one needs to succeed in business they should know they will need to work with others to put together more heads to sail the ship through murky waters of business practices.

Successful entrepreneurs often take the suggestions and advice offered by others if they have merit. But when they assume the advice they will realize that they were doing it wrong. As one strives to accumulate wealth he/she should improve on how he/she thinks, speaks, feels and acts. Once this becomes a routine habit then the rest will be easy to execute.
Alwanga Wilberforce,
Student of Mass Communication and Media Egerton University.



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