Huduma Number: More than Half of Kenyan Population not Yet Registered

Huduma Number

The Huduma Number registration exercise is just two days to the end but more than half of Kenyans are yet to acquire it. The process slated to end on Saturday by 6pm has been the talk of the nation since its launch three weeks ago. The electronic registration exercise which targets all people living in Kenya is meant to help the government ensure proper planning and delivery of services to everyone.

In a survey done independently by various media houses and organizations, about six in every 10 Kenyans are yet to obtain the Huduma Number despite the advertisements and civic education so far provided by the Kenyan Government. Though the lines and crowds at the registration centers all over the country are increasingly becoming huge as the day progresses, some have decided to stay away from the exercise claiming that it is a waste of time and that they have failed to get the point why it is really needed and why the government is forcing everyone to have it.

The government had earlier on indicated that citizens who shall not register for the Huduma number will be subjected to some form of punishment including switching off of their cellphone lines, a move which when effected will affect the customer base of telco companies in the country.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise, both the former prime minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta in separate events urged citizens to come out in large numbers and register for the Huduma Number. The President condemned those who were against the exercise terming it a devilish exercise with the much hyped serial number 666.

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The High court had barred the government from using the data to withhold any services or bar anyone from accessing public facilities.

In addition, the government cannot also share the collected information with international bodies.

Justices Weldon Korir, Pauline Nyamweya and Mumbi Ngugi ruled that it is in the public interest to have such a system for collection of data but the platform should not infringe on the rights of citizens and foreigners in Kenya.

The judges also suspended collection of DNA samples and GPS information but other unique identifiers remain in place.

The digital listing is set to operationalise the implementation of the National Integrated Identity Management System.



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