I Wanted to Marry Her After Graduation

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Everyone has plans in life. The expectations of one’s heart. I am not an exception, I too have the dreams that I want to achieve in my heart. The worst part is when that expectation of the heart is pulled away and that is really what breaks a heart. Albert Einstein was once asked to define the term relativity and he said that if you place your finger on fire for a minute it will seem as an hour and if you sit next to a pretty girl for an hour it will appear as a minute. So as in a journey, sit next a very beautiful girl in a Matatu and your long journey will appear very short. It was just the other day when I was admitted to the university. It was just the other day when I was a first year or I would rather say a “fresher.”

I crossed over the last part of the Kenyan educational curriculum with a lot of joy in my heart. This is because Miriam was always there for me. For those of you who don’t know who Miriam is, I will simply tell you that she is a certain goddess of beauty who met a certain young man and from his first sight the young man wouldn’t move again. He was observed. For those others who know Mir will stand to testify her beauty.

Back there when I first saw Miriam I Knew I wanted her in my life as my wife. As a fresher and her being a fresher I struggle hard to have her. Though she played a hard to get game I finally got her. So she crossed with me the bridge between my first year to my graduation. We completed school and everyone went to his or her home. She came from the central part of Kenya and I from the deepest part of Rift valley. When we parted we had one promise to one another that we would marry each other after our graduation and raise a happy and healthy family.

MarryThough we were far apart we always made contact through phone. This made me believe her even in long distance. There is this question that she always asked me. “Promise me you will marry me against all odds?” This was just a question to me, but I knew it meant a lot to her. Yes I knew I was ready to go past all the bounds. She too had to cross boundaries. I really doubted if her uncle’s would allow her cross over the boundary and come to Rift valley. I too had my own. My aunties would not approve my plan to marry from central. I had a feeling that they were even endorsing the chief’s daughter as my wife. Time moves so fast as a dream and the day of picking the graduation gowns came.

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It was a wonderful experience seeing Miriam after so many days. Days that seemed weeks and weeks that seemed years. We had everything in place. “I would like you to meet my parents tomorrow.” She said to me. I was glad. She would introduce me to those who would hand over her to me.

On the graduation day. She sat in a distance about ten meters from me as we followed the proceedings. Behind us were very many people. Sweet music came from somewhere in my heart because I knew I would appear the most suitable suitor to her people in my graduation gown. The passing out went.

“mami uyu niwe muthuri dakwirire, direda ahike.” (Mum this is the man I told you. I want him to marry me ) She told her mother jovially. A kid released herself from her mother and ran straight at me.

“ So you will be my daddy?” she said happily as she jumped on me. I held her as I pass my eyes to Miriam. I was lost in words. “Miriam, you never told me that you had a child.” I found myself as I led the kid off my hands. I turned to my right. All I knew was that I was suppose to go away. Not only away but far away.



We Are Hiring!! Writer


  1. U juz did nt surpus da ODDS man. U failed. U hurt her.

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