IEBC Cancels Results


The electoral commission has cancelled results for a polling station in Kilgoris.

Kilgoris constituency returning officer Elijah Ombogo cancelled the results for Enenkeshui polling centre after tallied votes outnumbered registered voters.

“The total number of registered voters is 285 while the total number of votes cast on Tuesday is 325,” said Mr Ombogo.

Mr Ombogo called on officials to probe the discrepancy.

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He said the presiding officer in charge of the centre should write a statement to explain how the situation came to be.

Mr Ombogo said all presiding officers will be liable for any tampering of results that might occur since the results they transmit would be final.

Mr Ombogo expressed disappointment with the work done by some of his officials despite the election conducting training they were offered prior to the polls.

Some presiding officers sealed off the form containing the results together with the register of voters while others arrived at the tallying centre either with a form not duly signed or without any form at all.

“Officials, mostly from the teaching profession were trained for four days, but I have been inundated with calls from the field with everyone asking how to go about doing some things,” said Mr Ombogo.




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