Immense Love in The Diary: PART 1


(The dustbin in my house was full. I carried it to the nearest rubbish bit. As I was emptying the dustbin I saw a beautiful book. It was a diary. I was curious and took it. When I opened the first page I was forced to open the next after the other. Written in the Egerton setting. Should the names or situation resembles yours, it is purely coincidental. “Men, from this story you will know when you are loved and when not.”)

Abigael was my area mate but we never ever met, maybe because I had spent the previous part of my life in latency and lack of freedom from my parents. Despite the fact that I was a male child my parents had kept me distant from the world. The world that I only knew my relatives as my friends-that is at home. In school I had friends but my parents instructed the teachers to look keenly into my ways. So, all my life I had not gotten the chance to know what I now call the sweet bitterness of life.

DiaryI had only read in books of what a man and a woman could do gain happiness and pleasure. I knew it theoretically. When it comes to practical work, I never knew. When my friends would speak about it, other terms to me looked like they had been mistakenly implanted in the English dictionary to bring me a headache. The social media had no impact on me. Each and every time we watched the TV my parents would have their remote controls in their hands and when a rather compromising advert passed, the television channels would be changed.

That is when we watched any other channel apart from the Christian channel. The world at that time had a riddles for me. Riddles that I was suppose to find its answer. Even the workers in my father’s farm were warned not to speak to me about it (I later came to know of the warning.) For me, standing next to a girl was a big crime and its punishment was to miss three consecutive meals. So, I grew up fearing to stand next to a girl or even speak.

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My high school was over and time came for me to join the university. I really yearned to join the university. I wanted to be free. I used to hear that in the university was a 360 degree freedom. A freedom that come with responsibility though. A freedom that I would be left alone to choose what I want. The admission letter came and I had earned myself a position in Egerton University. The reporting day was august 29th. I could read the panic in my father’s face. He was probably worried about me. How I would conduct myself in the university.

He organized a very big bash for me. The primary reason was to have speakers to come in the name of encouragement to tell me of how a man can fall in the arms of a beautiful woman. One of the speakers told me of a story of a very big person who had fallen in the arms of a beautiful woman called Delilah. Of Samson who was cheated to tell off the source of his strength. In my mind I was sure, when I get free; that is when I get to university, my first agenda is to look for a girl to teach me all what I was curious to know.

On August 29, my father’s car hit the road. I was seated in the back seat meditating of how my life would change when I get free.

Very beautiful girls filled the whole place. They had dressed in a funny manner as if trying to beckon me. In my mind was ringing “Wait kidogo, baba arudi nyumbani then tutajua maneno yako.”



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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