In The Arms of A Sugar Mummy: Part 2

Sugar mummy

Sugar mummyTaking one sip after the other as she look at me straight in the eyes waiting for my response. Inside my head I was busy digesting what to tell her. “Boy, you are killing me with anxiety.” I came back to my senses when she talked to me as she moves her chair closer to mine.

She took off her coat and sat in a suggestive manner. Just then my girlfriend called me. I never wanted to pick the phone due to the loud music. “Why do you hesitate?” she asked me. “It is because I am in love with another.” I told her. Still she insisted that she only wanted to be with me.

The more I pumped cerok into myself the more my principle became loose. She sat in a way that I could see in between her…. Music continued to play and as time approached midnight the club got more and more customers. She never wanted us to go and dance. I guess because she wanted to deal with me psychologically, mentally and socially for the big task ahead. A task to be hers in body and in business.

She wore a tumbocut and I would see red string bands. The more I became drunk the more she got some ‘added advantages’. She moved closer to me aggressively and started caressing me. Due to my condition I could not resist.

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Taken by emotions she took my hand and led me to the counter where she was given some keys of a room that was upstairs. She struggled to lead me up. Room 13, 14,15 and at last we were in room 16.I supported myself on the wall as she opened the door.

Gently she led me to a bed. I slept with my stomach facing down. She turned me up. I could not believe what I saw. She had a bra and her panty only. It was a red bikini. I forcefully came out of my drunk world and jumped out of bed. “Excuse me, how dare you…” before I could finish what I was about to say she silenced me and wanted a diplomatic solution. We sat on the bed.

“You told me you have a fee problem, didn’t you?” she asked me. “Yes, I do.” I answered. “Come into my life and all your financial problems shall be over” she said to me. I was tempted.

She went ahead and promised me a lot that due to the nature of my home background I had never dreamt of all my life. She grasped me and I felt her sharp pointed breast press against my chest. She   took her arm round my waist and pull me so tight into her. She turned me on.

Again, when I was about to do it my girlfriend called me. She had suspected something definitely.

Ed’s Note:
You Can’t Miss the Season Finale of this Story! What Happened with our guy? What about his girlfriend? And the big mama?



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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