Varsity Student Invents Gadget That Can Help Reduce Road Accidents


 Our country Kenya yearn with so much anxiety to reach the state of other nations worldwide, that  one day her hope of being crowned to be an industrialized nation will come to pass. She wanted to do this by setting up visions as a target to reach her goal by investing so much in technology. But this can’t be done by an individual but with a cooperate of many intelligence.

 Karatina University seem to accept this idea and now is able to raise some intelligence to transform Kenya to a higher notch of being industrialized basing on her vision. Anthony Muthungu, a second-year Physics and Mathematics student has come out with the most striking and astonishing innovation ever in the sense that you can light your house using a remote control or by sending a text message to the gadget linked with your electric lights and the lights up. “You don’t need to get out of your car to go and light the lights but by a simple text which initiates a certain command on the gadget to light up,” he says.

Also the gadget can be installed in a vehicle to identify a black spot some meters away when travelling and notifies you after passing the scene. Incredible ….!

  Antony says he has been working out the plan of it since form one at a high school level and finally his ambition has bear evidently fruits. When interrogated by ‘magazine reel’ presenter he said that, ” this is just a beginning, I have more bigger plans coming to shock all the nations, have already set the base of it and a few years to come everything will be unveiled.”

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 His lecturer Mr. Stephen Kinyua congratulated Antony saying the man is too optimistic, ‘he has the ambition and drive within him that can transform our nation at large, we don’t need to go to Chinese to do these but among us there are students who can do it but the only thing that hinders them is the support” Mr. kinyua said this during the interrogation with the KTN news presenter.

  The lab technician Mr. Joel also approved the effort and determination of Antony daily in the lab private room. He said the student will always find him in the lab when out of lectures.

 The institution vice chancellor, the DVCASR all are on a high praise saying that the school motto “INSPIRING INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP” is coming to its true meaning. We need more of this from our institutions so that Karatina may come to exist among the top University internationally. He said this during the annual career week at the university football ground where the event took place.

 The news presenter from KTN came to the institution to prove and found the invention real after a moment of detailed discussion and the actual test of the garget. They were satisfied and later presented the news in the media saying it’s valid.    

  The garget is ready for implementation once the willing buyer comes. Karatina is said to have something proven to be bride off, just some years back after being a fully-fledged university from Moi university.



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