Is Moi University Producing Degree or Graduates in Crime

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By Shane Perez.

Over the past few years, Moi University which was a long ago, a name to reckon with has now been branded “Woi University”. This new terminology is now a cliché in people’s ears. You might think that it is because of exceptionally good courses offered and other co- curricular activities such as drama and sports but alas! It is just crime! Crime! Crime!

Africans have a norm of marinating the evil with the good but some of us are really interested in exposing the rotten. Why Woi University? Some said it is the media that maybe has shed more light on the good institution.

The recent case aired by the media whereby a student was arrested after allegedly stealing plastic chairs from a church. A student from Eldoret West Campus, Benbuine Orimbo Otieno Andone stole eleven plastic chairs belonging to the Voice to the Nations Worship Center.


This case though very outrageous joins a list of many others happening either in front or behind media cameras. Cases of student lovers harming their partners are common in the institution with the latest landing a political science student in jail for eight years. According to the High court judgment, Dickson Mutemi, a student at Moi University ended Stephen Mututho’s (also a student in the same institution) life in March 2016 following an argument over a girlfriend.


Still, in Moi University, the police revealed that a number of students have a link with the Al Shabaab terror group in Somalia and have been planning terror attacks in specific places in the country. When I joined the institution two years ago what welcomed me was the news that four of my classmates who allegedly went missing were later on allegedly found at the Kenya-Somalia border. The story seemed to have faded away with no one left to tell the country what really happened to the four.

The above list of activities makes it prudent for anyone to ask if indeed Moi University’s syllabus or curriculum is fit to churn out degree graduates or young people immersed in thoughts of terror and thievery even in holy places such as churches and mosques.

In the spirit of justice, even a devil should be recognized when on the right side of history in the human race, it is therefore only fair to mention the brighter side of Moi University which brings about the counter argument on quality of education being offered to individual students. The institution has over the years produced well-known graduates including famous journalists such as Willis Raburu of Citizen TV, Nyali MP Hon. Mohammed Ali formerly of KTN’s Jicho Pevu among many others.

Rumors also have it that greatest innovators in the country have a root in the Kesses based institution. No one can dare speak of the invention without mention the Safaricom M-Pesa which is still a mystery in other parts of the world including in the US. Information points out that app developer was at one time a Moi University student.

Although all the counter argument on the present state of Moi University qualifies and stands as valid, much must be done to ensure that its mandate is only leaning towards churning out degree graduates as opposed to graduates in crime.

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