Itumbi Discloses that Kalonzo and Mudavadi have Agreed to Support Raila in 2022

Raila and OKA, Statehouse
The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents are reporting that:
1. ODM Raila Odinga, OKA counterparts Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Moi and Wetangula have signed a highly CLASSIFIED COOPERATION Agreement.
2. Curiously, Cyrus Jirongo has also signed the document.
3. Musalia was unwilling to sign and it took the intervention by Kalonzo to sign the Document.
4. The agreement commits the signatories to produce a JOINT Presidential Candidate. It adds that they will do so by next month.
5. The Development, which is basically nothing more than just Nasa re-united, caught even the President by surprise.
6. So much so, that Gideon K. Moi was called up to the USA over the development.
7. The Power Matrix remains a top secret. HNIB agents will shortly make Public the position sharing Matrix.
You can however fill the positions. It is obvious, other than the top seat that has a twist on the plot. A twist that has everyone in the team scratching their heads on how to resolve.
Speaker National Assembly
Speaker Senate.
Chief Minister
Running Mate
8. THE development could once again delay the November 15, 2021, announcement by Raila Odinga that he will be vying for President in 2022.
9. Additionally, & unrelated, State House is planning to respond to the request by Catholic Bishops for reconciliation talks between the President and his Deputy.
10. The plan is to send the Bishops to DCI boss George Kinoti & NIS boss to get a brief on a Top Secret dossier, that State House says was the reason the President and his Deputy drifted away.
11. What is contained in the dossier? HNIB agents have chosen to employ limited content distribution on that matter, until the threat to take that path is implemented.
For the record, HNIB agents, have written a sealed secret brief to a few people with the full detail.



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