Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Students Treated to a Rare Show of Swahili by Mseto Crew


By Dickson Otieno

The eagerly awaited local music show crew finally touched down in Jaramogi university. Mseto East Africa landed in the lake based university to entertain students and locals this past Saturday. They were received with much joy from the students who happened to be their staunch fans.

Mseto were on their normal campus tour and the place they were rolling on was Jaramogi University, Bondo. They landed in style with their well branded attire and a van which carried their tools of work. Dj Musa rocked the fans with constant local flavours which ensured the fans were never bored.The two emcees who opened the show were on point as they constantly engaged the crowd who were very much delighted. Their constant questions about issues affecting the youths freshened the minds of the students. His coastal accent simply added the icing to the cake.

The students streamed outside the assembly hall where the event was held. They came in large numbers including those who lived in the diaspora region of the school. Many left their activities to go and hang out with the Mseto crew who were every bit entertaining.

In the house were also the emcees of emcees, the one and only Willy M Tuva. His swahili flow rocked the crowd as they were amazed with his unique talent. His rhymes touched the crowd as they fell in love with him by the second.He lightened up the large crowd which attended and everyone saluted him of his professional approach and the spoken word talent he poised.

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The event was a really a success thanks to the hardwork the respective comrades personalities responsible who made this event happen. The Mseto East Africa crew are very much appreciated in our University and very much welcomed. It was one hell of an unforgettable event that ensured everyone smiled.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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