Jump Arena, Fun Mobile Gaming App on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Jump Arena android mobile gaming app
Jump Arena android mobile gaming app

More than once, most likely you’ve heard guys arguing about topics such as, “sex needs to last x number of hours” or “you can get an STI from a toilet seat” among others. Sex should last however long you want it to. Contrary to popular belief that sex needs to last for hours to be considered good, at the same time, you get STIs by having sex (vaginal, oral or anal) or by skin-to-skin touching & not from toilet seats. As for this reason, a group of Egerton Students decided to build an android mobile gaming app dubbed, ‘Jump Arena’ to help you answer such questions correctly.

These are only but some of the misinforming myths that youths rely on while making regrettable decisions in life. According to research done by Kenya demographic and health survey, reveals that many Kenyans aged between 15 – 18 years are having sex and too many of them do not have sufficient knowledge about HIV transmission and prevention. On average, about 2 out of 10 boys and girls have their first sexual encounter by age 15, which rises to about 5 out of 10 by age 18. Sadly, by age15, three per cent of girls are already child bearing and this rises to 40% by age 19. Another worrying statistic shows that knowledge of sexual and reproductive health is below 50% for youth aged 15 – 17 years old.

Jump Arena android mobile gaming app
Jump Arena android mobile gaming app

More worrying is that the knowledge gap keeps on increasing generation after generation, to mention but this is as a result of youth education about sexuality being boring and not interesting the way it is expressed in lectures, forums and schools.  To bridge this knowledge gap Fluid Studios, a company owned by a group of students under the, ‘I am initiative’ in collaboration with UNFPA, UKAID and Nailab (incubation  lab in Nairobi) have developed a game to make it fun and entertaining learning on sexual & reproductive health. The game targets youths in Kenya aged 15 – 25, who are vulnerable to misleading information about sexual and reproductive health.

Jump Arena is a mobile game that combines fun and education to pass the vital information. The app brings to life various theories and helps users form the right perceptions, allowing them to react and decide on the appropriate cause of action to take if the same was to happen to them in real life. The game brings new concept that grants you fun while gaining some life changing knowledge.

You will be jumping different obstacles as you play from one mission to the next. Besides that you are also supposed to answer a sexual related challenge for you to revive your chance to move to the next level once you miss out.

The game provides you with age appropriate sexuality knowledge that helps improve your chances of making informed choices about your sexuality. The game developers hope that the gamers will gain information to help them make informed decision regarding sexual coercion, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDs and unintended pregnancy.

The game is currently on google play store and can be downloaded directly for free HERE. Your feedback on the game will be much appreciated.



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