Just in: Delayed justice shocks engineering students country wide


It has been an unfortunate morning for the affected alumni engineering students from all universities in Kenya as the much  awaited Ruling for Civil Appeal No. 240 of 2013 ( Registration as Engineers) at the Supreme Court of Kenya building opposite City hall was postponed for the third time! The appeal was launched by the former Engineering Registration Board now Engineering Board of Kenya after the board lost to  the alumni engineering students from Egerton University and was ordered to register them immediately and compensate each KShs 200,000/=.

According to one of the affected, the case has faced innuendos and this is what he had to  say, “Is it just mere coincidence that this case against
The Engineering Board of Kenya suffer similar circumstances of “ruling not ready and that the ruling shall be delivered on Notice.”?!!
Could this be a delay tactic just to keep on frustrating us as has been the norm?”

“ruling not ready and that the ruling shall be delivered on Notice.”?!!

The Engineering Board went ahead to put a newspaper advert cautioning employers and some  working in the engineering field with dire consequences for employing none registered engineers and for those practicing without the license.
This has tremendously exposed us negatively and to any possible

“On behalf of Jesse Waweru Wahome and 105 others,  we have suffered injustice in the court of appeal even after the initial court ruling went in our favor, that was delivered by the Honorable Justice Majanja, verses Engineering Registration Board of Kenya, ” read part of a letter that surfaced later in the day.

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Those at the site cried foul and are calling on the president to intervene on the same.

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  1. Can’t smone send an ally to the president to take care of this matter by atlst outlining the essence of engineers in a growing economy????? Or is it turning out to be a hide n seek game?

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