Kabianga University students up in Arms after Administration issues Notice with Huge ‘typo’

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Kabianga University

University of Kabianga in Kericho County is at it again, issuing public notices with ridiculous grammatical errors.

The error in a communication targeting fourth-year students drew the ire of students who faulted the institution for its ineptitude.

The notice read in part: “The dean will wish to meet 4th years………Kindly check time and venue on teaching timetable and Afail (sic) yourselves.”

‘Afail’ instead of ‘Avail’ was the butt of jokes. Students from other universities referred to Kabianga as ‘localised university’ — and should, therefore, be forgiven for such errors seemingly driven by vernacular influence.

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In 2015, Kabianga made a similar blunder in a communication from the catering department. Instead of using the word ‘class,’ the notice indicated ‘glass’ The communication read: “Mursik/sour milk and fresh milk available at Sh10/= per class.

Some students urged the administration to hire proof-readers to avoid such silly mistakes.



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